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When we talk about payday loan consolidation we refer explicitly to a re-financing solution that offers you the possibility to pay off all payday loans and consolidate them again through a loan, which is characterized by a single installment to be paid- find more.

Why is debt consolidation so much? The reason is very simple and is linked to a question of practicality: substantially, more debts of entities, generally not particularly high and characterized by higher than average interest rates and by short-term maturities, are added together in a single debt with a long-term expiry in this case.

By accepting debt consolidation, as a debtor, you will have to take care of paying a lower monthly payment for the amount compared to the sum of the installments of all debts, but for a longer period of time. It is no coincidence that the duration for the debt consolidation repayment plan is generally 120 months.

However, there are plenty of offers where times are extended up to 20 years: some financial companies offer repayment plans at the end of 240 months. To meet possible difficulties, there are many credit institutions that also offer you extra liquidity in the short term. What are the best debt consolidation loans? Would you like to know the best offers for a single loan and a single installment? Here are some offers all in all convenient.

The offer of Ultranix

If you want to interact with a single financial company to better control your loan, with a view to the highest level of transparency, Ultranix allows you to pay a single monthly payment and enjoy unique and blocked interest rates for the entire duration of the repayment plan.

Example of debt consolidation with Ultramix : we assume that the amount requested is 10,000 euros and that the amortization plan has a duration of 84 months. The monthly installments to be repaid with Agos amount to 143.70 euros. Fixed TAN and APR correspond to 4.91% and 6.17% respectively. However, there are a whole series of hidden costs, including 200 euros for preliminary investigation fees, 16 euros for the stamp duty on the loan. The total due, therefore, amounts to 12.26680 euros.

Unique, the Cleopar offer

Cleopar, a leading financial consumer credit company, also proposes an advantageous commercial proposal in terms of debt consolidation, allowing you to obtain extra liquidity and to meet other ongoing loans, interacting with a single credit counterpart. Your deadlines are actually simplified and unified with a single loan and a single monthly payment. On the other hand, the Cleopar offer is called Unopar. Please note that the maximum amount payable is 30,000 euros.

Example of Debt Condolidation with Cleopar

For a sum of 10,000 euros, Cleopar offers you various repayment plan options. Choosing the 84 month one, every monthly payment will come to you for 167.15 euros. Given a TAN of 9.90% and an APR of 11.02%, the final amount due will amount to € 14,156.

The Offer of Yobank

The Offer of Yobank

After presenting the offers of two financial agencies, it is the time of that of the leading banking group in Italy. Service Money, this is the name of the debt consolidation offer, bearing the Yobank rating, aims to make you combine all the loans in one loan. The maximum amount payable is 75,000 euros. The advantage of this business proposal? In principle, 24 working hours are enough to get feedback on the loan outcome. However, keep in mind that the timing depends on how many old loans you are willing to put together in this type of loan.


These are the best offers that banks and financial institutions put at your disposal for debt consolidation. To choose which is the commercial proposal, because this is what it is, which is best suited to your needs, it is wise to use one of the innumerable search engines. Set the filters and find out what is best for you with a view to a single loan and a single installment.