Loans without payroll are possible thanks to the digital microorganisms that are aimed at all those people who have an urgent need for quick money, without much paperwork and, of course, without a payroll. Therefore, they have all kinds of facilities so that you can get them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the economic and labor circumstances that we currently face in the country, there are times when we need some type of urgent loan but we can not request it from any of the traditional banking entities, because we do not have employment and, therefore, neither roster. So, due to this need, no-payroll loans have emerged.

Requirements to access a loan without payroll:

As mentioned before, these digital microorganisms are born due to the need to be able to obtain fast money, without much paperwork and, of course, without having a payroll.

Usually some of the requirements necessary to apply for a loan without a payroll are:

  • Be of age.
  • Have a mobile and bank account.
  • to reside legally in Spain, being a holder of a DNI or an NIE in case of being a foreigner.

If you meet all these requirements, you are one step away from being able to apply for a loan without payroll in any of the online banks that are just one click away from your reach.

As long as you take into account that you must ensure that it is a reliable and secure network to whom you will provide your personal information.

Valid income to access loans without payroll

When we talk about loans without payroll it does not mean that we are going to get financing without any kind of income.

What do we mean by this? We mean that the entities that grant them will accept another type of compensation that is alternative to a payroll as proof provided that said income meets the following requirements:

  • Be periodic and elongated in time.
  • Be enough
  • Be justifiable.

If our income meets these three requirements, there will be no problem in obtaining loan financing without payroll without the need to present a guarantee.

Get loans without payroll forming part of the Financial Credit Institutions list

Because the amounts that can be assumed in online platforms when applying for a loan without a payroll are extremely low, it is not necessary to have an extremely high income to cover them.

Once the value of the credit plus the expenses is paid, the user no longer has obligations with online banking.

On the other hand, the loan expenses are reduced, since the more monthly payments are agreed for the return, the more total commissions are paid in total, since each of them has their respective interests.

That’s what happens with banks. Giving credit facilities for those who do not obtain loans without payroll or endorsement is also extendable to those who are part of the Financial Credit Institutions list and the other files of defaulters.