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Leaders in digital learning and demographic computation

How will colleges and universities adapt to the accelerating numerical decline of traditional college-age cohorts? Nathan Grawe’s projections indicate that within seven years, the pool of high school graduates is expected to shrink by 15%. The news is particularly grim for schools in the Northeast and the eastern half of the Midwest, with expected declines […]

A resourceful guide to how digital learning can connect young people to opportunities

When the children join the Foundations Maker program at Foundation of the digital port, a tech-driven after-school organization in Baltimore, they are given a stack of everyday items such as an electric toothbrush, a plastic cup, a few markers and rubber bands. Then they are told: Build a robot that draws. “It’s a little sad […]

Intellectual property and digital learning

Who owns the content created for the online and blended courses? Faculty? The institution? Both? Do you know the answer to this question for your school? Would your answer agree with the provost or the attorney general? Another way to ask this question is to ask if your institution’s intellectual property policies have kept pace […]

The 4 things every digital learning manager should know

Higher education careers in digital learning are rarely linear. Leaders in digital learning come from a mix of traditional and non-traditional academic backgrounds and disciplines. We are often asked how important it is to have a Ph.D. is for a career in digital learning. If an instructional designer with a master’s degree in the profession […]