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Lessons from Estonia: Why it excels in digital learning during Covid | Estonia

AWhile hundreds of thousands of children in the UK have found themselves excluded from education during lockdown, without access to laptops or the internet, Estonian pupils have reaped the rewards of the government’s long-term investment. Baltic country in digital learning. Long before the coronavirus started wreaking havoc across the world, Estonia made developing digital skills, […]

Lessons from Estonia: Why she excels in digital learning during Covid | Estonia

AAs hundreds of thousands of children in the UK were left out of education during the lockdown, without access to laptops and the internet, Estonian students have reaped the rewards of the long-term investment of the Baltic States in digital learning. Long before the coronavirus began to wreak havoc around the world, Estonia made the […]

How to use it for effective growth and development

Concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Deep learning. Mindfulness. getty Digital learning has been around for over two decades, but has often been seen as the unloved stepson of workplace development. Online learning was often seen as cheesy compliance videos for things like harassment prevention training or tech training. Long, boring content that gets the most […]

How the pandemic influenced the growth of digital law

Depending on who you speak with, when the topic of the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and the business and practical aspects of practicing law is discussed, you will both hear that the pandemic has closed the legal world by adding to the cost. of getting solutions to legal problems, and that the solutions to […]

3 Ways To Stay Connected With Digital Learning San Diego Activities

Explore art from a distance The San Diego Museum of Art While museum tours can be suspended, Virtual SDMA + provides a top-notch view of the exhibitions, performances, and conferences that are still taking place. This month, you can watch the San Diego Ballet and the Natesha School of Bharatanatyam perform original pieces inspired by […]

Local Children’s Museum Continues Digital Learning, Brings Fall Festival Online | A&E

Driving a giant semi-truck on the freeway, grooming a cow, daring to climb higher and running the general store of a bygone era are just a few of the things kids were able to accomplish at KidsQuest Children’s Museum at Bellevue. And who doesn’t love those swirling water tornadoes in the wet room? Unfortunately for […]

From Museum to Classroom: Expanding a National Digital Learning Collaboration

washington d.c.—The Institute of Museum and Library Services today announced a Key Investment in Museums for Digital Learning (MDL), a special initiative focused on building the capacity of the museum field to connect with educators and students. This year, as K-12 educators continue to be impacted by the pandemic, the project has become of significant […]