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Interactive digital art installation immerses viewers in fascinating worlds

Immersive art experiences have become popular in recent years for the unique and Instagram-worthy excitement they provide. The international art collective teamLab – an interdisciplinary group of artists, engineers, animators and various other specialists – creates interactive digital art installations that allow the viewer to become an active participant in the work of ‘art. The […]

Gucci Joins NFT Madness With Digital Artwork Starting At $ 20,000

There is money to be made in the fashion industry, but that profit is slowly moving online as digital fashion becomes more popular. Not one to miss the money, Gucci became the first designer brand to officially sell an NFT at a Christie’s auction, Vogue Business reports. Entitled “PROOF OF SOVEREIGNTY: A Curated NFT Sale […]

Digital Learning Academy unveils its mascot | Today’s youth

In preparation for its launch as the 17th school in the Litchfield School District, rated “A”, the Digital Learning Academy launched its school nickname, the Trail Blazers. The mascot, an adventurous buggy, will symbolize innovative and creative students breaking new ground in the online school that will serve from kindergarten to eighth grade with live […]

Seniors in digital media studies present flagship projects: NewsCenter

May 18, 2021 Examples of digital documents created by undergraduate students for their digital media study synthesis projects. Top left: close-up of a poster designed by the Cracker Box Palace team; close-up of the poster for the Just Sing Out project; and details of the MEDIA project website. (Illustration from the University of Rochester) Rochester […]

Local news loses billions in revenue every year thanks to digital media giants

Analysis found that local news broadcasts lose $ 1.87 billion in revenue each year to Google and … [+] Facebook. Apple and Amazon also have the potential to siphon off revenue. (Photo illustration by Budrul Chukrut / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images A recent research analysis […]

Matthew Belloni Joins Digital Media Startup – The Hollywood Reporter

Old hollywood reporter Editorial Director Matthew Belloni has joined a venture-funded digital media start-up as a founding partner. The still unnamed digital media startup is co-founded by the former Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Jon Kelly, Vox Media veteran and Luminary Joe Purzycki, athleticism alum Max Tcheyan and Conde Nast veteran Liz Gough, and counts TPG and […]

Fred Kudjo Kuwornu discusses digital media and representation of Afro-Italians – the Bowdoin Orient

Katie kingREPRESENTATION QUESTIONS: In his virtual conference, Fred Kudjo Kuwornu highlighted the value of digital media as a tool to build community among marginalized peoples, and more particularly among Afro-Italians. On Wednesday evening, the Italian Studies Program hosted Fred Kudjo Kuwornu, Italian filmmaker, producer, educator and activist, to discuss the role of digital media in […]

Italian Artist First acquires 51% of the capital of the digital media agency Officine Orange

The Italian distribution and label company Artist First has acquired a 51% stake in the Milan-based digital agency Officine Orange. Today’s news follows the company’s recently announced purchase of a 30% stake in direct booking agency Colorsound. Founded in 2010 by Alessandro Fabozzi and Diego Jirillo, Officine Orange specializes in offering products and services to […]

Japan Passes Digital Law As Covid-19 Highlights Tech Struggles, East Asia News & Top Stories

TOKYO (BLOOMBERG) – Japan’s parliament has approved a law to create a new digital agency as the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, including stumbles in its vaccine rollout, has underscored the need for the country to catch up with its technological backwardness. The bill, which was passed by the upper house on Wednesday May […]