7 fun digital learning tools to try in the classroom

Every year we share our 10 most read stories. Unsurprisingly, many of this year’s Top 10 focused on student engagement and e-learning or hybrid learning strategies related to pandemic education. This year’s 5th most read story focuses on hidden digital learning tools.

During pandemic learning, educators have seen a plethora of digital learning tools and resources, and they are finding out what works and what doesn’t for their teaching methods.

There are some well-known and popular digital learning tools that are on every educator’s must-have list, but why not add some new resources to them?

Here is a small collection of digital learning tools and resources that you may not be familiar with. Take a look at them during a well-deserved summer break and see if one, two, or more of them match your teaching strategy and academic goals for your students.

1. All sides helps students understand all sides of a story or problem to sort fact from fiction and identify bias and misinformation. It offers perspectives from center, left and right oriented publications to help students compare and contrast.

2. Flop is a web application that saves teachers time and helps students see the value of feedback. Feedback is a huge driver of student learning. Teachers can collect images, PDFs, and Google Docs from students and leave text and audio comments that lead to conversations. Students engage with their comments while they are still relevant. Teachers can help students respond to comments through conversations and resubmissions.

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