Add Video to Discussion Forum Posts in WebCampus | Digital Learning Office

Step by step instructions

Step 1: Log in to WebCampus.

2nd step: Access the discussion in your WebCampus course.

Step 3: Click Reply to create your message.

[Figure 1] Screenshot of the “response” interface of the WebCampus discussion forum. The “Embed my multimedia content” tool is circled in the toolbar of the rich text editor.

Step 4: In the area that expands, click the Embed my media icon in the text editor.

Step 5: In the window that opens, select one of the videos that you have already downloaded by clicking on the Select button / link next to the video or click on the Add New drop-down menu and select “Media Download” to add a File or Kaltura Capture to create a new video. For the purpose of these instructions, we will add a new video file.

Step 6: In the Download Media window, click the + Choose a file to download button.

Step 7: Find the file you want to download from your computer and click the Open button.

Step 8: When you return to the media download interface, you have the option to update the name of the video and add description and / or tags to the video.

Screenshot of the
[Figure 2] Screenshot of the “Embed content from my media – Download media” interface. An arrow points to the Save and Check In button.

Step 9: Click on the button > Save and embed to embed the video in your post.

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