Africa Digital Media Foundation CreaTech Animation Incubator 2022 (Cohort III)

Deadline: August 15, 2022

Applications are open for the Africa Digital Media Foundation CreaTech Animation Incubator 2022. The Africa Digital Media Foundation (ADMF), in association with the Heva Fund, AFD, the European Union, the French Embassy in Kenya and the Artists Association launches the third cohort of the CreaTech Animation Incubator to equip talented East African animators with an investor-ready pitch they can use to attract investment and showcase at local, regional and international festivals.

Individual animators and teams with the most engaging, outstanding and distinctive anime series project ideas are invited to apply to participate as fellows in this unique incubator. Adapted from ADMF’s Scaling Accelerator, the incubator will provide 20 animators or teams with the mentorship they need to develop relevant animation projects that appeal to local and global audiences.

Program details

The CreaTech Incubator will be a 12-week BootCamp that will include high-level mentorship and training with established industry professionals. Experts will include industry experts in animation, storytelling, music and sound, as well as international broadcasters, distributors and sales agents. Teams will receive technical training to refine their animation projects and pitches, as well as market training to position their projects for success with investments and festivals.

Female animators are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this unique opportunity which will not only serve as an ideal platform to showcase their work, but also provide them with ways to interact directly with the industry. They believe that such interactions are key to addressing the gender imbalance in the film and animation industries, both regionally and globally.

Topics will include:

  • Project Planning/Production Schedule
  • Story and screenplay
  • Budgeting
  • character development
  • Context/Environment
  • Storyboard
  • Audio Dubbing – Audio Guide for Animation
  • character animation
  • Video montage
  • Automatic Dialog Replacement
  • Merchandising
  • SFX -Sound Effects
  • Sheet music
  • Sound design
  • Pitch Bible
  • Marketing and distribution


Eligible facilitators:

  • Submit an animated series concept that demonstrates creativity and originality;
  • Demonstrate a passion for animation and establish a long-term career in the animation industry;
  • Complete a complete application and submit it via the ADMF website by August 15, 2022 (incomplete applications will not be considered);
  • Commit to attending all webinars and mentoring sessions;
  • Agree to participate and contribute significantly to each component of the program;
  • Recognize CreaTech Animation Incubator and ADMF via social media, if accepted into the program;
  • Must be over 18 years of age and a citizen of an East African country with a valid passport (or the ability to obtain a passport prior to the announcement of the successful finalists).


  • Submit a single pdf concept note containing the following:
    • Series project title, format, target audience and age range, and genre
    • Synopsis of the story in no more than 250 words.
    • Brief one to two sentence descriptions of some of the main characters
    • Brief one-to-two-sentence descriptions of some of the secondary characters
    • 2-5 concept art images of the world and its characters, backgrounds, model sheets, etc.
  • Submit a statement of intent/description of the project; its origin, its message, its importance and its uniqueness. Max. 1 page.
  • Submit CV of author(s)

The submission process will close on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. East Africa Time.

Click here to apply

For more information, visit CreaTech animation incubator.

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