Akello launches digital learning opportunities across Africa

Akello, a digital technology company focused on transforming African education through technology, today launched an end-to-end digital learning platform that is expected to expand access to educational opportunities. learning for millions of people across Africa.

“We want to increase access to education in sub-Saharan Africa and level the field of digital learning by offering products that target all learners, from those in early childhood to young adults looking to develop new skills and to expand their knowledge base. “said Ms. Elizabeth Tanya Masiyiwa, General Manager of Akello.

According to Ms. Masiyiwa, two-thirds of young people in sub-Saharan Africa aged 5 to 24 are considered undereducated due to limited access to learning opportunities.

“Akello seeks to solve this problem by transforming and uplifting the way young Africans learn by ensuring digital access to the best education wherever they are on the African continent,” she said.

Akello, a subsidiary of the Econet group, will offer digital products aligned with national curricula and local identities, including Akello Smart Learning and Akello Pre-School.

“We are delighted to offer Akello Smart Learning, a revolutionary product offering an interactive digital learning platform experience for elementary and secondary learners, as well as Akello Pre-School, a learning platform. transparent for early childhood educators, guardians and home-schooled parents, making teaching and learning easier, ”Ms. Masiyiwa said, adding that the company will soon roll out additional products, including Akello Library , Akello Hub and Akello Quiz.

Akello Chief Executive Officer Ms. Vimbai Gwata said Akello’s strategy is to make quality e-learning products as widely available as possible to all Africans, despite the negative impact of the HIV pandemic. COVID on learning opportunities on the continent.

“With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that have followed, learners need alternative learning tools more than ever to help them advance their education.

“Our Akello digital learning platform is well positioned to do just that and bridge the gap created by missed learning opportunities, whether due to the current shortage of physical textbooks and teachers in some countries,” or because of the impact of current bottlenecks on learners across the continent, ”Ms. Gwata said.

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