Alef Education expands digital learning deal to reach 1.5 million students in Indonesia

As part of its commitment to fostering digital education and in line with the UAE’s efforts to promote smart transformation in the education and knowledge sectors, Alef Education, one of the world’s leading educational technology providers that strengthen learning in the 21st century, partnered with the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs. (MoRA), for expanding its free pilot program, enabling 1.5 million learners to benefit from its award-winning digital learning platform.

Alef Education and the ministry signed an agreement in November 2020 to transform the education sector in Indonesia using advanced educational technologies that provide personalized learning experiences for students and improve learning outcomes. As of July 2021, up to 500,000 seventh grade math students have gained access to the platform.

Based on positive feedback from teachers and students, the platform added Arabic language as a new subject and expanded its content, covering grades 7 to 12, instead of grade seven only. The platform will now be made available to 1.5 million math and Arabic language learners. Alef’s digital math courses are aligned with Indonesian curriculum standards and use the GASING method to support student success. Meanwhile, Arabic language lessons are fun and interactive and promote reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

HE H. Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs, said, “We thank Alef Education for their continued collaboration and for expanding this pilot program to include not only math, but also Arabic language learning. in grades 7 to 12. The Alef platform has proven to be an exceptional tool that can help Indonesian schools in their transition to modern teaching and learning methods – whether online, face-to-face face or hybrid. Ultimately, we hope that tools like the Alef platform will support our goal of improving the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) score and digital literacy of madrasah students under MORA.

Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO of Alef Education, said, “At Alef Education, we are committed to transforming the global education industry, and our partnership with Indonesia has proven to be very successful. We are excited to expand our services to Indonesia through our continued partnership with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and look forward to millions of Indonesian students learning through our fun and engaging platform. We are also delighted to announce the Alef Awards in Indonesia, where teachers and students who demonstrate exemplary teaching and learning practices will be eligible for prestigious awards to recognize their hard work and dedication.

Alef Education’s flagship product, the Alef Platform, also helps teachers deliver engaging and fun content that aligns specifically with their curriculum, helping with student grading and management. The platform generates real-time data to provide students and teachers with relevant and timely feedback that helps activate this transformational process and has been a critical part of the platform’s success. Its centralized dashboard leverages machine learning and big data to deliver actionable data and intelligent, accurate recommendations to departments to enable improved student learning outcomes. Since its inception, Alef Education has impacted the lives of over 670,000 students from over 4,000 schools in the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and the United States, and now an additional 1,500,000 students across the Indonesia.


About Alef Education

Alef Education is one of the world’s leading education technology companies that is at the forefront of using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to create personalized learning experiences that transform the way the world is educated.

Alef Education, with its three products, the Alef Platform, Abjadiyat and Arabits, has a growing presence in major education markets around the world, such as the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, l Indonesia, Egypt and the Netherlands. The award-winning Alef platform provides AI-powered learning and teaching solutions that leverage real-time data to drive improvements across the entire education ecosystem. Abjadiyat is an Arabic language learning platform that offers engaging and interactive content from K-4. Arabits is a comprehensive Arabic language learning system for non-native speakers that helps students of all ages learn, practice, and improve their AI-powered Arabic language skills.

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