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It is recommended that instructors create a practice quiz that requires the use of Respondus LockDown Browser or Respondus Monitor that students can take before their graded exams, to test the settings and ensure they are technically prepared for to take a test.

Create a practice quiz in WebCampus

  • You can include questions similar to those you will use on the graded exam, or you can use this space to remind students of the University’s policy on academic dishonesty. The practice quiz doesn’t have to be long to give students an idea of ​​what to expect on the graded exam.
  • Use the same Respondus Lockdown Browser or Monitor settings and instructions that you plan to use in the graded exam.
  • Remind students that the purpose of this practice exam is to become familiar with the Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor tools, and to understand your expectations for online exams.

Give the practice quiz to students

  • You might consider scheduling this for the week before the exam, so that students have time to ask questions or resolve any issues before the time of the graded exam.
  • If possible, require all students to complete the practice quiz. You may consider making the practice quiz worth a small point value or awarding extra credit for completion.
  • Allow students to make unlimited attempts. This allows them to complete the practice quiz on different devices (such as a home PC or an iPad on the fly) to determine the best option for their testing experience.
  • Make sure students are familiar with the built-in troubleshooting and live chat support in LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. You may consider including a link to the above resource in the exam instructions.

Review practice quiz Respondus Monitor recordings (if applicable)

  • After students complete the practice exam, you should review the Respondus Monitor results to identify any behavior that may not be acceptable on the graded exam. If you find violations, contact individual students to discuss the violation and how to avoid it on the graded exam.
  • Remind your students of the consequences of violating exam integrity.
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