Alpha DX advances on its first public-private partnership in digital learning and education with Uzbekistan

– Asnaro University of Uzbekistan (“AUU”) will be a new generation university fully integrated with the ubiquitous learning platform developed by Alpha DX subsidiaries

– Scheduled to open in the 3rd quarter of 2022, AUU will have two campuses in Uzbekistan with the main campus located in Tashkent and the second campus located in Andijan

– AUU will be funded by the joint venture which is expected to receive US $ 50 million in the initial phase

Singapore, September 1, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Alpha DX Group Limited, (“Alpha DX”, the “Company” and with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), a leading learning and education solutions company plan, is pleased to provide updates on the Group’s first public-private partnership (“PPP”) in digital learning and education.

Previously, on August 26, 2021, the Group had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with the Ministry of Specialized Higher and Secondary Education (“MHSSE”) of the Republic of Uzbekistan (“Uzbekistan”) which encompasses various joint ventures. , collaborations and main deliverables related to AUU. As such, the Company announced that its subsidiary, ZioNext Pte. Ltd., will develop and implement the next generation ubiquitous learning platform for AUU.

As part of the MOU, Alpha and MHSSE will also establish a joint venture with the primary purpose of establishing and managing AUU, a next-generation university that will be fully integrated with the ubiquitous learning platform developed by Alpha DX subsidiaries.

PPPs are prevalent in both developing and developed countries, and governments often view PPPs as a way to improve the quality, access or cost-effectiveness of their education system.

After the entry into force of the MoU, further discussions have been initiated and the joint venture is expected to be funded to the tune of US $ 50 million by the joint venture partners and will be mainly devoted to development and growth. AUU. In the future, the scope of the joint venture could be broadened to include the transformation of the entire public education system of Uzbekistan. The creation of the joint venture and its terms are subject to the conclusion of binding agreements.

AUU, scheduled to open in the 3rd quarter of 2022, will have two campuses in Uzbekistan with the main campus located in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and the second campus located in Andijan, the administrative, economic and cultural center. from the Andijan region. .

The Company will provide timely updates to shareholders as each contract is finalized and executed.

With a strategic focus on integrating a wide range of digital technologies into education and businesses through strategic collaborations and partnerships, Alpha DX aims to turn learning and education into an experience fully personalized and ubiquitous learning for all learners around the world.

Formerly known as Alpha Energy Holdings Limited, the group transformed in January 2021 with fundraising and restructuring initiatives under the leadership of technology and finance veterans in the learning industry. and education.

Alpha DX CEO Mr. Daiji Yamada said, “The scale of continuous improvement in the quality of education justifies the need for a public-private partnership. Many verticals in the education industry have been disrupted by the pandemic and, in fact, we operate in a market that is growing at a breakneck pace. As such, we are well positioned to exploit opportunities thanks to our track record and growing capabilities.

“This PPP joint venture with the Republic of Uzbekistan is an important milestone for Alpha DX and it fits well with our growth strategy, allowing us to further extend our technological and intellectual resources in the global digital learning industry. . We expect the joint venture to help us facilitate the development of our existing pipeline of project opportunities and potential projects for further diversification and growth. ”

About Alpha DX Group Limited

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Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, Alpha DX Group Limited (“Alpha DX”) is one of the region’s leading learning solutions companies.

Led by technology, education, corporate training and business consulting veterans on the board and leadership team, Alpha DX provides integrated extended reality (XR) solutions * next generation in the learning and education market that enables our clients to create fully immersive and super enhanced learning and training experiences of the future – next generation educational institutions, methodologies from multidimensional learning design, digital content creation and conversion platform, ubiquitous learning super platform and systems with relevant technologies – all under one roof.

With a strategic focus on integrating XR technologies to create a personalized and digitally enhanced learning experience, Alpha DX aims to deliver new value propositions, with its integrated ubiquitous learning solutions, to meet current and future needs. diverse learners of all genders, ages, cultures and goals.

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