Amathuba: our new digital learning platform

Dear colleagues and students

As you know, the implementation of our Vision 2030 is underway and last year I announced that the University of Cape Town (UCT) would adopt a new cloud-hosted digital learning platform as part of of our learning platforms update project. In May this year, we launched a call for name submissions for UCT’s new digital learning platform, which is powered by Brightspace.

I am delighted to announce that our new digital learning platform will be called Amathuba, a suggestion submitted by Ms. Esmeralda Alexander. We thank Ms. Alexander and the many staff and students who responded positively to the call for applications.

Amathuba is an isiXhosa word meaning opportunities, chances, openings and prospects. Our new platform is an important step in shaping and improving the future of digital education at UCT and in enhancing the learning experience for our students.

Vision 2030 is about unleashing human potential to create a just and equitable society and Amathuba will be key to achieving equitable student success at our institution. As we look forward to rich and varied teaching and learning programs in 2023, Amathuba will support the wide range of teaching modes used at UCT and help enable a cohesive learning experience and high quality in all courses.

Amathuba, which is intuitive and easy to use, is equipped with powerful communication and evaluation functions. The mobile app will help students stay on top of their academic work, and enhanced analytics will keep professors informed of student progress and when they might need help. Full accessibility support means that digital learning will be inclusive, especially for students with disabilities, and because it’s cloud-based, it will always be available when needed.

This coming semester, 50 courses will use Amathuba as part of a pilot program, and we look forward to welcoming all first-year students to Amathuba in 2023. We thank the faculties, course organizers and teaching teams for all the effort they have invested and continue to invest in this exciting transition, supported by our Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT).

I am so proud of the innovative and important advances we are making in our teaching and learning; this being just one of them.


Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng
Vice Chancellor

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