Billionaire Mark Cuban builds digital art gallery for NFTs

Mark Cuban expands the scope of his involvement to the intersection of digital art and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The billionaire Shark Tank star and owner of the Dallas Mavericks confirmed to The Block that he is building a new gallery of digital art and collectibles, marking the latest product launch in the booming market. The website is live, according to Cuban, and has seen tens of thousands of visitors in its first days of existence.

The new project – baptized – is actually an online gallery of artwork, Cuban said.

While there are several places where creators can create and craft their own art, there is no easy way to showcase NFTs.

I wanted an easy way to show my NFTs and a way to put them in my social bio, email signature, and anywhere I can paste a URL, ”Cuban said. “People are curious about what other people collect. There was no super easy way to do it.

The process of joining the platform is quite straightforward. Users can sign up with an email address and add their MetaMask portfolio. Once they create a unique URL, they can share their NFT collection on different social media networks, as well as email and SMS. The platform does not display user wallet addresses.

“People bought NFTs, they made them, they need a lazy way to show them,” Cuban said. “There really was no easy way to do this before”

In recent months, the market for non-fungible tokens, which covers the full range of art related tokens, music, sports, and even food– has heated up with artists selling their art at prices running into the millions and tens of millions. Most recently, digital artist Beeple sold his 5,000-day collection for a staggering price $ 69.4 million.

“The NFT market is on fire,” Cuban said in a message to The Block. “It will be interesting to see what follows in terms of competition for the spirit and the dollars.”

Being able to mint and sell art in the form of NFT has benefited many creatives in the crypto art space.

The state of the NFT ecosystem was further explored during a recent episode of The scoop Podcast. Speaking to The Block, artist Cory Van Lew spoke about economic and social aspects.

“The most powerful energy in the world is when several people come together for a like-minded idea. It’s very easy to be on that same frequency, and we’re seeing the magnetism of it right now, ”he said. “Artists want to know how they can take advantage of this positivity. “

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