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Digital artist Glorian Gears takes the stage by revolutionizing digital art

Glorian Gears NFT Art 2.0 will be the next digital art benchmark NFT-ART 2.0 is therefore not just art. It is a valuable digital object, which on the one hand carries a spirit (a feeling) and on the other hand can be used in digital universes, called metaverse. – Glorian Gears NEW YORK, NEW YORK, […]

The world’s first-ever LIMITS Asian Championship digital art competition is coming soon! | Taiwan News

The winner will receive $ 50,000 in cash prizes! All submissions will be made NFT and sold on UCOLLEX! HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – November 1, 2021 – “To arouse public interest in digital art and enable more people to appreciate art through its production, appreciation and transaction. This is the aspiration of […]

NFTs and the future of digital art – Nairametrics

The 2010s saw a surge in technological advancements that have become mainstays of global culture, including smart devices, movie streaming platforms, and cryptocurrencies. The way we interact with each other and the space we inhabit is constantly evolving with the biggest change that has occurred over the past decade. The need for social distancing has […]

Adobe partners with Rare, other NFT marketplaces to fight digital art theft

Adobe has partnered with the mainstream Rare Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace and a handful of other popular NFT markets to provide input to artists and improve the authenticity of digital art created using the Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC) suite, which includes Photoshop and Stock. . Adobe users can link their accounts to their social media […]

Behind the Yugoslav art movement that predicted the birth of digital art – The Calvert Journal

Feeding neo-abstraction, the precocious premonitions of op-art and the beginnings of computer art, New Tendencies represents one of the forgotten avant-gardes of Europe. From the abstract paintings of ‘meanders’ produced obsessively by New Tendencies accustomed Julije Knifer, to the swirling kaleidoscopic patterns of Miroslav Šutej and the computer-generated light installations of Vladimir Bonačić, New Tendencies […]

2019 digital art falsely shared as Cyclone Shaheen video

A video accompanied by a post is widely shared on social media claiming the images depict Hurricane Shaheen off the coast of Oman. The post even claims that the video was photographed from Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Let’s check the facts of the claim made in the mail. Claim: Video of Hurricane Shaheen on the […]

NFTs can give Nigerian digital art players a big chance, but the costs are high

Getting into Room 6 of the Denon Wing at the Louvre seemed like a chore. The line was long; tourists stood by to admire smaller works of surrounding art – schoolchildren on an art excursion choked by their chaperones. We headed for one of the most important and historic paintings known in the world: the […]

The digital art software market is booming with an unstoppable rate

The latest study published on the Global Digital Art Software Market by Market Intellix assesses the market size, trend and forecast till 2026. The Digital Art Software Market study covers research data and important evidence to constitute a practical reference document for managers, analysts and industry experts. and other key people to have a study […]

Shawk23 aims to lead digital art and animation

BY MELISHA YAFOI CHANNELL Anivai, also known as Shawk23 because of her work, is eager to set the standard for her fellow art creators across the country and the Pacific. Mr. Anivai from Kairuku in Central Province, who entered the market in 2019, has amazed both customers and social media followers with his work as […]

Hyundai Motor: “World on a Wire” digital art exhibition opens at Hyundai Motorstudio in Moscow

· Hyundai Motor and Rhizome of the New Museum will present the “World on a Wire” exhibition in Moscow from October 19 to December 12, 2021 · The third and final event in the series, which follows exhibitions in Beijing and Seoul, will feature a unique program supported by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art […]