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Nepalese graphic designers worried about digital art plagiarism

Recently, a reputable scooter brand copied a piece of art from Indra Jatra and posted it on their social media (Instagram / Facebook) without any attribution. It was an illustration by Diwas Maharjan of Hamro Patro. The company removed the image after the graphic design community raised concerns about it. Credit: Illustration by Diwas Maharjan […]

Are WTF NFTS? The new digital works of art that are taking the world by storm

Grimes sold some NFTs she created, and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey also made an NFT from her first Tweet. Can anyone create an NFT? Absoutely. That’s why it’s so exciting. Anyone can create an NFT. There are many platforms. As far as we are concerned, we obviously organize and work with artists who share a […]

Hendrick’s Gin commissions NFT digital art collection from top talent and auctions pieces to support young artists

After 18 months of stifled curiosity and suppressed creative expression, Hendrick’s Gin encourages the most curious to immerse themselves again… through the flourishing artistic explosion of NFTs (non-fungible tokens or unique digital tokens). In an effort to explore escape from the toughest and most demanding years and reward curiosity, the oddballs of Hendrick’s Gin asked […]

Nomanzi Furniture will be the first furniture brand to adopt digital art and NFT technology

Nomanzi partners with Kaya Collection to become the first furniture brand to embrace digital art and blockchain technology. Nomanzi Nomanzi partners with Kaya Collection to become the first furniture brand to embrace digital art and blockchain technology. Nomanzi partners with Kaya Collection to become the first furniture brand to embrace digital art and blockchain technology. […]

Paint with Photoshop – create a stunning digital art portrait

Experimenting with how to paint with Photoshop has always been a mission for illustrator Ayran Oberto. The idea of ​​the work here is to paint a female portrait but with a sense of randomness; one who embraces mistakes. Oberto’s lines, which he admits to be “always imperfect,” tend to produce features the artist considers particularly […]

San Francisco lawyer Haitham Amin turns legal learning into digital

Obiter dicta, prima facie, in pari delicto; as a conglomerate of terms from different and often dead languages, legal jargon is inherently extremely complex for the average person to interpret and understand. Fortunately for the masses without a law degree, a lawyer has taken on the task of translating this so-called “legal” into digestible and […]

Colors Live digital art software gets physical version on Switch

Update: The physical edition of Colors Live, the sequel to the famous 3DS Colors digital art success! 3D, is now available at select retailers. You can get your hands on it at stores like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart for $ 49.99. Turn your Nintendo Switch into a portable art studio! @ColorsLive_ is […]

EZ NFT’s Renaissance 2.0 offering, designed to connect the worlds of physical and digital art, celebrates the sale of three Warhol-inspired 1/1 works

Uniquely commissioned Noe Alonzo’s NFTs pay homage to the famous pop artist’s Marilyn Monroe editions Las Vegas, September 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – Wee-Cig International Corporation (OTCMarkets: WCIG), a company focused on identifying and growing leading companies in emerging markets, today announced that EZ NFT, an operating division of its controlled subsidiary […]

Saudi illustrator dives into digital art to shed light on community life

Yassin, a 27-year-old concept artist and writer with a flair for illustration, spoke to Arab News about his art. Each of his works embodies the deep emotional side of the daily life of the Saudi community, interpreted in a magical swirl of art depicting characters, events and stories. “It’s really important for me to convey […]

SALCC student embarks on digital art

Juggling school and running a business can be overwhelming, but 18-year-old Joshua Joseph makes it seem quite manageable. Sir Arthur Lewis’s student turned inspiration into business and produced incredible digital artwork. JXJ Designs officially started in 2019, however, Joshua was inspired to be a digital artist while in high school. Although at the time his […]