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Digital art could be next in SEC’s sights

Like many other things, art and collectibles have gone digital. This year has seen explosive growth in NFTs, with NFT sales for 2021 already exceeding $ 2.5 billion. Along with the growing market for NFTs comes innovations, notably the emergence of f-NFTs (“non-fungible fractional tokens”). Where financial innovation goes, the SEC is forced to follow. […]

Fact check: digital art is falsely shared in close-up view of the human eye

A stunning image, allegedly showing individual iris fibers, goes viral on social media and claims it is a close-up view of the human eye. One of those viral Facebook posts can be seen below. The archived version of the article can be viewed here. India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) found the claim […]

The Cleveland Cavaliers launch NFT collection, displaying digital art

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Fans come to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse for games, music and entertainment. But art lovers can also take advantage of what the arena has to offer. Make that lovers of modern art. The Cleveland Cavaliers launched an NFT collection, acquiring three basketball-themed artwork. They will be featured on LED video panels as part […]

the new digital art platform to know

The pandemic has ruined a lot of things. Among them are the countless postponed or canceled exhibitions and art fairs, the erratic opening and closing of galleries, the complication of international travel to see the best of world art. The art world retaliated, however, and a wide variety of institutions pivoted online, not to mention […]

UNT student designer finds solace in digital art – North Texas Daily

Darren Dobson, Senior New Media Art, incorporates different types of themes, colors, shapes and sizes to find their colorful voice and express that voice through digital art. “I have always been an artist,” said Dobson. “I didn’t feel like I had a voice until a year ago.” Dobson started drawing and designing digital art in […]

How a crypto and digital art fair uses Instagram to show – and sell – works

It’s been a bad 18 months for art fairs, with most unable to move forward with actual iterations. But the loss of one actor in the art market is the gain of another. The Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF), which sells digital art and crypto collectibles (including these high-profile NFTs), has grown steadily since […]

How to frame an NFT 2021 digital art

IMAGES OF CHRISTIE LIMITED 2021 As Beeple basked in the aftermath of the $ 69.3 million auction of Daily: the first 5,000 days at Christie’s, he had more in mind than his new riches: he needed a framework. After all, as the new frontier of NFTs – non-fungible tokens, which are works of art or […]

Don’t reject digital art | Opinion

Art is now digital and a debate rages on: Are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) worth the outrageous prices they sell for? The simple answer is yes. If someone willingly pays a huge amount for something, they value it more than the money they give back. Others may disagree with its choice, but that’s what makes a […]

Join the revolution with the Slow Factory digital art exhibition

Escaping censorship from the ‘oppressive Instagram platform’, educational nonprofit Slow Factory is launching a digital art exhibition inspired by artists who aim to spark revolution with their work. Title I really love this song, the online concept project is designed to bring together the work of 20 artists with submissions from the public, each responding […]

Interactive digital art installation immerses viewers in fascinating worlds

Immersive art experiences have become popular in recent years for the unique and Instagram-worthy excitement they provide. The international art collective teamLab – an interdisciplinary group of artists, engineers, animators and various other specialists – creates interactive digital art installations that allow the viewer to become an active participant in the work of ‘art. The […]

Gucci Joins NFT Madness With Digital Artwork Starting At $ 20,000

There is money to be made in the fashion industry, but that profit is slowly moving online as digital fashion becomes more popular. Not one to miss the money, Gucci became the first designer brand to officially sell an NFT at a Christie’s auction, Vogue Business reports. Entitled “PROOF OF SOVEREIGNTY: A Curated NFT Sale […]

Get a full set of digital art tools for under $ 25

Today’s software has made it easier than ever to spread the images in our heads around the world. He also made graphic designers the new rockstars of the advertising world. All you need to get started is a creative mindset and the right tools. There is no shortage of digital art platforms, but it can […]

ASU digital art graduate activates and honors Indigenous perspectives

May 5, 2021 Editor’s Note: This story is one in a series of notable spring 2021 graduate profiles. John Joe is an Irishman and Diné Student (Navajo) graduated this spring from an MFA in art (digital technology). He has been creating art for 30 years and has slowly incorporated digital technology over the past decade. […]

How digital art collectors show art on their televisions

An example of a flat screen TV with a photo frame, displaying a digital work of art. designer appliances This has been an iconic year for digital art, with the sale of artist Beeple’s NFT (Non-Fungible Token) artwork sold at an auction house for $ 69.3 million. An NFT gold rush followed, without a doubt. […]

Light up the world: David Hockney sunrise digital art will be shown worldwide

The two-and-a-half-minute footage will appear on billboards in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Seoul in May. David Hockney’s latest artwork – a digital footage of the sunrise – will be shown simultaneously on billboards around the world in May. The six-image sequence will appear on digital billboards in New York, London, Tokyo and […]

How a new digital art market could emulate the traditional market, including in a bad way

This article is featured in our Art Market Eye newsletter. To receive monthly feedback, insights and analysis from our art market experts straight to your inbox, sign up here. The sudden and explosive arrival of digital art in the art market has thrown a hand grenade into the notions of price, quality and validation in […]

the rise of digital art galleries in physical spaces

The frenzy around NFT art is now entering the physical realm, from CryptoPunks displayed on billboards around Miami to a major NFT exhibit, Virtual niche — Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?, which just closed at the UCCA Contemporary Art Center in Beijing. To compound this trend, brick-and-mortar malls specializing in non-fungible tokens […]

Steve Aoki makes bold digital art prediction as he launches new NFT

Imagine walking into a nightclub with your favorite DJ playing the latest hits. You pull out your phone to slip in and show off a masterpiece in your pocket: the latest NFT in your collection. Music entrepreneur and superstar DJ Steve Aoki says that’s what’s in store for the not-so-distant future: digital works of art […]

MMMAD will transform Madrid’s urban space into a window on digital art

During the month of May, the Urban Digital Art Festival (MohammedIt will convert urban media for use in advertisements into cultural spaces where the works of 54 artists will be presented. Immersive experiences will also be seen, workshops and digital meetings will be organized. The first edition of Mohammed, Madrid’s urban digital art festival, will […]

Digital art Call for applications Public Art CA

Digital art Call for applications Public Art CA Still video, artwork by Allison Janae Hamilton To share To share Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp To post Or Digital media artists, Dyson & Womack are accepting submissions for the Public Art CA digital media call for entries. Public Art CA is a collection of contemporary art […]

Meet Amrita Sethi, the ex-banker who pioneered digital art and NFTs

Few artists have a CV that includes 15 years of working in leadership roles in global financial services companies. But Amrita Sethi is not your typical artist – and her innovative and entrepreneurial approach to her work, including her adherence to the emerging NFT phenomenon, owes a lot to her background in business. Born and […]

$ 69 Million Digital Art Buyer Highlights ‘NFT’ Boom

Vignesh Sundaresan’s unpretentious demeanor does not indicate he is a multi-millionaire investor The blockchain entrepreneur who paid a record $ 69.3 million for a digital artwork, at first glance, looks nothing like a wealthy collector. The 32-year-old is casually dressed in a T-shirt and chinos, lives in a regular apartment in Singapore, and does not […]

Digital art takes hold, buyers in the Union Square gallery

Digital art, whose prices can now rival those of Old Master paintings, is on display in a new physical gallery in New York City that aims to show how such pieces can fit into the home or office. Digital artist Beeple made headlines in March when his video work “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold […]

Manning Brothers Join ‘NFT’ Digital Art Craze

Everyone now knows that former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is going into television after retirement, but it looks like he and his brother are working on something else this year as well. And that’s not the first thing you think of as a business venture for two former NFL quarterbacks: the digital art […]

Own digital art – O’Reilly

It would be hard to miss the hustle and bustle around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Non-fungible tokens are, at first approximation, purchased digital goods that exist on a blockchain. At this point, NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain, but there is no reason why they cannot be implemented on others; it seems reasonably likely that specialized […]

Mainer’s digital art gallery raised $ 9 million on latest crypto craze

Jonathan Perkins of Portland runs one of the leading online marketplaces for non-fungible tokens, digital collectibles fueling a new financial craze and social change in the way people value what they buy. Many see it as a bubble, but his company SuperRare said on Tuesday it had attracted $ 9 million in venture capital from […]

why digital art has such a massive carbon footprint

How much would you be willing to pay for a one-of-a-kind work of art? For some collectors, the limit is somewhere in the region of the hundreds of millions of dollars. What about a work of art that has no tangible form and only exists as a digital token that is no more “real” than […]

Man Loses World’s Largest Digital Art Collection After Forgetting Password

Thad Brinkley really blames himself today after losing the password that protects his digital art collection – the largest in the world, valued at 200 million dollars. Its art director described the password mistake as an “absolute disaster” and added that the tech giant-turned-collector looked everywhere, including on the Post-it note under his stapler where […]

Chinese digital art mocks Western criticism of working conditions in Xinjiang

A digital illustration titled “Blood Cotton Initiative” by Chinese artist Wuheqilin can be seen in this handout image provided to Reuters on March 28, 2021. Wuheqilin / Handout via REUTERS Register now for FREE and unlimited access to Register BEIJING, March 28 (Reuters) – A digital illustration of a prominent Chinese propaganda artist mocking […]

Protect intellectual property and limit liability for digital art and NFTs

Lots of things are symbolized, but the growth of NFTs for digital art is booming. This, in part, is due to recent news that Beeple’s iconic digital artwork was auctioned off by Christie’s for $ 69 million. Other digital arts are created to take advantage of pre-existing intellectual property and physical art. This boom creates […]

Billionaire Mark Cuban is setting up a digital art gallery that lets users post NFTs in any form, report says

Marc Cuban. Brian Snyder/Reuters Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is developing an online art platform that allows its users to showcase digital art or collectibles, according to The Block. The project, called, is already live and has a minimalist appearance. It has so far seen dozens of visitors, according to the “Shark Tank” investor. The […]

Billionaire Mark Cuban builds digital art gallery for NFTs

Mark Cuban expands the scope of his involvement to the intersection of digital art and non-fungible tokens (NFT). The billionaire Shark Tank star and owner of the Dallas Mavericks confirmed to The Block that he is building a new gallery of digital art and collectibles, marking the latest product launch in the booming market. The […]

Buyer Who Spent $ 69 Million On Beeple’s Digital Art May Have Profited From The Sale

This month, a mysterious buyer paid $ 69.3 million for a digital collage, an auction heralded as a historic moment for the art world and the third highest price ever paid for a work of art. ‘a living artist. The buyer, a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who uses the pseudonym MetaKovan, may have benefited financially from the […]

Someone Paid $ 69 Million For A Digital Artwork: Here’s Why It Matters

In the world of contemporary art and its related market, the default mode is surreal. There is nothing like normalcy in a world full of sharks marinated in formaldehyde, busts made of blood, machines that poop and giant sculptures of balloon dogs that sell for millions of dollars. Contemporary art is at the forefront of […]

Japan’s teamLab combines museum and sauna in a new digital art experience

TOKYO (Reuters) – A wall of flower petals shatters into a thousand fragments. A huge ball levitates in the air, changing from red to blue and then to purple. Hundreds of butterflies flutter around a screen of tiny water particles. This is not a museum of modern art, but the latest creation of the Japanese […]

What are NFTs? Who is Beeple? A craze for digital art explained

Before Beeple, there was William Shatner. In July, the actor, singer and author of “TekWar” from “Star Trek” created a series of collectible cards containing images of his career – a telegram from a producer, a photo from his first model shoot, an x-ray of her teeth – and listed them as unique digital tokens […]

How NFTs are fueling a digital art boom

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN This article has been updated following the auction of Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 days”, which sold for $ 69.3 million. When graphic designer Mike Winkelmann started producing one design a day in 2007, he was just looking for a way to improve his artistic skills. At best, the resulting […]

The Rise of Procreate in the Digital Art World | News

Procreate has grown in popularity, even more so than Photoshop in some cases. App Store screenshot In 2016, an app called Procreate released to Apple’s App Store with a new, easy way to create digital art masterpieces. It was barely a year later that it reached second place for downloads on the App Store. Since […]

Grimes sold digital art in NFT form for $ 6 million

Grimes is the latest artist to participate in the NFT Gold Rush, selling around $ 6 million worth of digital artwork after auctioning it off yesterday. A 10-piece series – some unique, others in the thousands – went on sale on Nifty Gateway on February 28. The best-selling piece was a one-of-a-kind video titled “Death […]

Digital art education tools encourage students’ creativity and curiosity

Data shows growing interest in creativity in K-12 education According to an Adobe Education study, 76% of Gen Z students and 75% of teachers want more emphasis on creativity in their classrooms. Educational priorities have shifted and lesson plans today focus more on interactive tools and less on memorization. Comparing the perceptions of Gen Z […]