Columbia County School District to Implement Digital Learning Day for Students and More

COLUMBIA COUNTY (WJBF)- “We are well prepared for students to learn in a digital environment. We believe that competence is important for students as they transition into the job market. We want to ensure that our students are well prepared to use technology” , said Michele Sherman, Associate Superintendent.

The Columbia County School District is adding a digital learning day to the student agenda starting September 2.

According to Associate Superintendent Michele Sherman, for half a day, all students will learn about different aspects of technology.

Sherman says it’s only to improve students’ ability to use digital platforms.

“Using technology that will foster collaboration that will allow them to use different platforms,” Sherman said.

During the school board business session, School Superintendent Steven Flynt discussed the proposed expansion of his five-year construction program for schools, adding an additional five years to upgrade existing facilities.

“We looked at all the building needs over the next five years and realized that we really better stretch that out to a 10-year program so we can explain to the community all the things that we’re going to be able to do it here and when we can do it,” said school superintendent Steven Flynt.

All schools will undergo renovations – starting with the three oldest schools in the district.

“Evans is going to be the first on the register which is obviously the oldest and needs a few more classrooms as well as some renovations. So when we add more classrooms we hope that the old classrooms will remain in operation until the new ones are built,” says Flynt.

Flynt says of course these renovations will take time – but they will make sure to accommodate students as best as possible during the process.

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