Cosmos Group Holdings brings digital art to blockchain

Coinllectibles, a subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings (OTC:COSG) is working with Singaporean artist David Chan and Marvel Digital to launch limited edition 3D art digital property tokens (DOT) for the upcoming Web 5.0 conference on November 1st.

The technology that underpins DOTs has multiple functional use cases in spaces such as art, sports, watches, coin collecting, and more. DOTS provides a digital ownership token to a tangible or intangible collectible, which confers ownership due to the immutability and provenance functions of the blockchain. In this case, Coinllectibles chose a three-dimensional variant derived from Chan’s original art called Preliminaries maybe.

“I’m really fascinated by the idea of ​​working with a new medium – an autostereoscopic 3D screen, for my art. For me, this represents an exciting new frontier as it gives my collectors a new way to immerse themselves in and appreciate my art. From an artist’s perspective, it will also challenge me to think about the spatial arrangement of my works, as my art can now expand beyond the 2D flat plane of the screen to interact directly with aesthetes. . Based on all of these considerations, I look forward to seeing how the DOT 3D Arts Limited Edition will perform,” said David Chan.

Cosmos Group Holdings operates in two different business segments: arts and collectibles and finance. The arts and collectibles side of the company runs through its Coinllectibles subsidiary. Coinllectibles uses the blockchain to provide authentication, evaluation and certification. It also manages sales and purchase, custodial, security and exhibition services as well as financing art buyers through traditional channels.

Its financing part is provided by a subsidiary approved under the Money Lenders Ordinance of Hong Kong. The company offers unsecured personal loans to individuals with a small mortgage portfolio. Currently, Cosmos combines the two businesses by offering secure financing to art and collectibles buyers.

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digital art on the blockchain

The Marvel Digital team adds artistic 3D visual effects to the autostereoscopic 3D format. In this case, to a digital image based on the artwork. This will make the image playable via a tablet designed and sold by Marvel.

“We are extremely excited to be working with David and Marvel Digital on this limited edition 3D art DOT launch. As someone who has been in the arts and collectibles business for over 20 years, I see this industry is ripe for technological disruption. From Coinllectibles’ perspective, not only do we want to disrupt the way art is processed and collected, but we want to use autostereoscopic 3D technology to change the way collectors can enjoy and enjoy themselves. immersing in digital art. Therefore, I am very honored that we can bring together such a renowned artist as David and Marvel Digital to present the first ever 3D art DOT at the upcoming Web 5.0 conference in Singapore on November 1, 2022 said Terry Lee, Head of Art at Coinllectibles.

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