Davenport University Announces Online+ Digital Learning Experience

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Davenport University announced Online+, a new digital suite of learning formats. The goal of Online+ is to give students the access they need in their free time.

Online+ will include four format options. The on-demand format will allow students to have an online experience anytime and anywhere. The Livestream format will allow students to stream and participate in lessons wherever they are. The Flex format will allow students to choose each week to attend classes in person, on-demand or via livestream. The blended format will offer a combination of in-person learning and on-demand courses.

The university has an experience of online learning for 20 years. Davenport also has more experience in online learning than any other university in Michigan.

“More than half of DU credits are taught in the Online+ modality,” said Brian Miller, dean of Global Campus and Academic Systems at Davenport University. “And each Online+ course is taught by an instructor who has been certified to teach online through our in-house preparation program.”

“We found that 98% of Davenport students now take at least one online course,” said Davenport University President Dr. Richard J. Pappas. “Many work full-time, have family responsibilities or personal commitments that make the traditional in-person-only classroom difficult. We need to meet today’s students where they are and deliver a world-class education, in a format that works best for them.

More information about Online+ can be found at Davenport University’s website.

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