David Bowie digital art project launching next week

A new David Bowie digital art project endorsed by the late artist’s estate is set to launch next week.

The venture is a partnership between Bowie Domain, NFT Marketplace OpenSea, and Web3 company We Love The Arts by Andrew D. Keller and Joaquin Acrich.

Scheduled to launch on September 13 on OpenSea, Bowie on the Blockchain is being billed as “a one-of-a-kind multiple artist NFT sale” that will bring together the work of nine NFT artists.

Each artist, including Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, created “their own unique takes that pay homage to David Bowie and his influence on their artistic and personal identities,” according to a press release.

Tolokonnikova said in a statement on Bowie on the Blockchain: “David Bowie is for me a platonic ideal of an artist, charismatic, passionate, imaginative, magnetic af, he always puts art x curiosity x subversion over profit, a magician and a muse. I am in awe and the always will be. David Bowie is my father.

David Bowie performing live in 2002 (Photo: Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect)

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale that will go to Bowie’s estate will be donated to the humanitarian organization CARE, where Bowie’s widow, Iman, is his global advocate.

In other Bowie news, the late artist is set to be honored next week with a place on the Camden Music Walk Of Fame in north London.

“David Bowie is a global influence, one of the ultimate influencers and sooner or later we had to have him on The Music Walk Of Fame,” Lee Bennett, founder of The Music Walk Of Fame, said in a statement.

“Our intention is for this to be the highest honor a music figure can receive in the UK and beyond, the unveiling of the Stone of David secures that legacy. We have huge plans for the future. , but for now, let’s celebrate one of music’s greatest.

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