Digital art is in the air: Panda-NFT builds the world’s first trading platform for digital NFT collections


Panda-NFT Marketplace supports digital collection trading and is akin to a digital collection “exchange”, fully igniting the entrepreneurial passion of digital collection players at home and abroad.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial): – Dover, Delaware June 2, 2022 ( – As the global digitalization process accelerates, blockchain technology matures, and the NFT trading market surpasses 100 billion dollars in volume, NFT is attracting tech giants and capital to enter the market. Panda-NFT is the world’s only standalone DAO NFT digital collectibles exchange platform, combining the qualities of Defi + DAO + NFT to provide liquidity for the platform’s tokens and all other prime tokens, as well as to the platform not only provides liquidity for platform tokens and all other prime tokens, but also performs digital creation, minting, display, NFT trading and auctioning for global users. Relying on the traceability of blockchain, the collectible coin chain leaves traces, traceable sources and traceable records, with credible copyrights. All types of creators can own exclusive NFT digital collections on the platform and realize the value of their creations.

Looking at the global crypto NFT digital collection trade market, it is not difficult to see that some well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Facebook, eBay, LINE and other Internet enterprises, or consumer companies such as Xiang Piao Piao, Nespresso’s tea, Coca Cola, Disney and McDonald’s have entered the field of NFT crypto art, grabbing dividends from digital NFT collection and enlisting copyright holders on a large scale, build shopping malls and perform uplink operations.

Wei Pengju, President of the Institute of Cultural Economics of Central University of Finance and Economics and Emeritus Professor of Longma Scholars, said: “In the long term, digital collections will become an important vehicle for renewing cultural heritage. cultural and cultural and promote a new wave of promotion of traditional culture. The new form of digital culture represented by digital collections not only enriches the diversity of the crypto art field, but also exposes more users to this new era of digital art, becoming a new dynamic force to promote a innovative and high-quality development of

arts and culture. Panda-NFT believes that NFT is the bridge between the real world and the metaverse, and the future potential of NFT and the metaverse is one of the areas that has yet to be fully explored; NFT’s digital collection, with its immutability and clear traceability, is perfectly adapted to the needs of reality and will certainly become an important medium for breaking the loop. Art knows no borders, culture makes consensus. The opening of the Panda-NFT digital collection exchange platform allows creators around the world to publish music, tickets, hipster games, cards, paintings, photographs, GIFs, emojis, etc. . in the form of digital collections to create value, and in addition to that, the platform will also integrate various new content such as social media, auctions, blind boxes, auction requests, VR collection rooms , VR museums, etc. to attract more blockchain insiders and enthusiasts to join.

The future is a digital world where everything is on-chain. Panda-NFT, as a digital creation commerce platform that anchors digital collections to physical rights and interests, supports the commerce of digital collections and is similar to a “exchange” of digital collections, fully igniting the entrepreneurial passion of actors of the digital collection at home and abroad. The launch is sure to be of great interest to NFT digital collectibles enthusiasts around the world, so stay tuned.

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