Digital Art Marketplace Voice Launches Permanent Pride Initiative to Celebrate and Empower LGBTQIA+ Artists on the Web3


The inaugural collection will be curated by Jae Joseph, cultural producer and founder of The Black Apothecary Office, and will feature the art of 12 members of the Voice community. Collections will be highlighted on Voice’s homepage and social channels, as well as shared with Voice’s VIP collecting community.

“This is my fifth annual PRIDE celebration and initiative, and I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Voice,” said Joseph. “Pride Month is about acceptance, equality, celebrating the work of LGBTQIA+ people, educating about LGBTQIA+ history, and raising awareness of issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s a great way for people to people to come together in love and friendship and to hold space for each other.”

Custom art will be created exclusively for the Permanent Pride collection by Tood x Jaé Joseph, Evan Thompsonand Gia Love. Other artists featured include: Meg Miko, Courtney Jensen, david jonesGrandpa Juice, Chris Palm, Jasha SoykaSemiotac, Kile J, Breanna Charles, kate andersonand Emre Yıldırım.

Permanent Pride kicks off this month with a private dinner, co-hosted by Jaé Joseph and curator Valentine Uhovski, to celebrate the talent and creativity of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Each month thereafter, Voice will partner with additional curators to build on its momentum, featuring new members of the LGBTQIA+ community and supporting other organizations, selected by the community itself.

Simultaneously, applications will soon be open for a recurring Pride Permanent Residency program to empower LGBTQIA+ artists in Web3. The residency will provide resources, such as a stipend and marketing support, to help artists launch an NFT collection on Voice.

More information about the project will be announced in the coming weeks.

About voice

Voice is an easy-to-use, carbon-neutral NFT platform that supports multiple channels. At Voice, we believe that NFT technology will change the internet by bringing verified ownership to our digital world. We are building a way for digital art to be collectible.


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