Digital Learning Day celebrated by Citizens Foundation with programs to boost education for disadvantaged children

TCF high school students will each receive a tablet as part of the Digital Literacy Program

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Primary-aged children will benefit from a blended curriculum combining traditional and technological teaching methods.

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Teachers will receive state-of-the-art technological equipment in the classroom

TCF is upgrading its digital equipment to provide state-of-the-art technology to students in its 1,687 schools in Pakistan

We are thrilled because in the context we face – low income households and families – this has never happened before.

— Riaz Kamlani, Executive Vice President of Results at TCF

HOUSTON, TX, USA, February 22, 2022 / — On Digital Learning Day, February 22, 2022, The Citizen Foundation (TCF), a non-profit organization providing quality education to disadvantaged girls and boys in Pakistan, is celebrating new programs aimed at providing advanced technology to students in its 1,687 schools in Pakistan. TCF is upgrading its digital learning systems to deliver a blended curriculum that will prepare students for the computer-intensive world of the 21st century.

In partnership with Jazz, a leading broadband service provider, TCF replaces obsolete equipment by providing tablets and LED screens for classrooms. The upgrades will also improve its school management systems. Primary and secondary school students will benefit from an interactive learning program that combines traditional teaching methods with technology in the classroom. System and curriculum upgrades will enable TCF students and teachers to use advanced digital tools and enhance their capacity for self-learning in school and in daily life.

The new digital literacy program aims to develop a comprehensive learning experience through core strands that will enable students to:

* prepare for well-founded computational thinking;
* develop digital citizenship and the ability to engage in society, politics and government; and
* develop computer skills to include basic programming and coding skills, and proficiency in the use of the MS Office suite.

Classroom learning will be facilitated by the teacher on a large LED screen with scripted lesson plans for teachers. Bilingual textbooks (Urdu, English) will be provided to students.

“We are thrilled because in the context of what we are dealing with – low-income households and families – this has never happened before,” said Riaz Kamlani, executive vice president who oversees programs for education at TCF. “The evolution of technology presents many exciting possibilities. We are deeply aware of this. In this regard, we focus on two aspects. First, how we can use technology to help our students learn better. Second, how do we use technology to better manage our network. To help students learn better, we have launched two programs. A digital literacy program for secondary school children and a blended learning program for primary school children.”

An improved School Management System (SMS) designed for better decision-making at all levels of management with greater transparency, real-time access and archiving of information will also be implemented across the network. TCF of schools in the poorest urban and rural areas of Pakistan.

The new systems will further improve the assessment of learning and the management of student, classroom, school, principal and teacher data, with TCF exploring innovative ways to improve teacher skills for more better student learning outcomes. Teachers say the digital content of teacher training sessions is more engaging and easier to access later. It also offers greater opportunities for collegial support, collaboration, and virtual learning.

The Citizen Foundation

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a Pakistani non-profit organization, founded in 1995. It operates a network of 1,687 schools (including 356 adopted government schools) in a professionally run system of K-10 formal schools for boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. families.
The faculty and principals of TCF are all women. This contributes to the enrollment and retention of girls in its schools. There is nearly 50% gender parity in TCF schools.

TCF is the largest private employer of women in Pakistan. In addition to the 13,000 female teachers and principals, hundreds of women are employed in other TCF departments such as curriculum planning, academics, teacher and school monitoring and evaluation, marketing, donor management and strategic planning.

A testament to TCF’s commitment to providing quality education, TCF was selected as one of the top 25 projects in the world to be showcased at the recent Expo 2020 Dubai. Global Best Practices Program, ‘Small Steps, Big Leaps’, Solutions for Sustainable Impact– an initiative that rewards organizations that provide tangible, adaptable and scalable solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. The TCF was selected after reviewing 1,175 application programs from 141 countries by an international committee.

TCF-USA staff work tirelessly to support programs in Pakistan by coordinating marketing and fundraising in major metropolitan sections in Seattle, Washington DC, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, New York, Boston and approximately 30 other regions. TCF-USA is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, which allows supporters to take advantage of tax-deductible contributions.

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