Digital Learning Developer Job with DURHAM UNIVERSITY

Durham University Development Center

6th/7th/8th grade: – £27,111 – £50,296 per year
CDI/CDI – Full time

Contract hours per week: 35

Closing Date: March 11, 2022, 07:59:00

Durham aspires to “provide a world-class digital learning environment, comparable to the best in the UK” (Education Strategy, 2017-27). The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to do this in a flexible and resilient way, accommodating the needs of students and staff who are online as well as those residing in Durham. Developing appropriate digital teaching and learning skills will be essential to the future value of a Durham degree.

To support this ambition, we are now looking to appoint 18 digital learning developers across the institution to expand our support for the development of best-in-class digital learning. You will join colleagues working across the University to provide an exceptional learning environment. Some will be based in a faculty, others in the university library or the Durham Center for Academic Development. These roles require a combination of teaching skills and technical development. Digital learning developers will work in partnership with academic experts to design and create digital artifacts (e.g. images, videos, simulations, interactive content, games), find and assess existing resources, develop VLE sites and/or provide training and advice to academics. Staff. They are offered at three different levels depending on the responsibilities in digital learning and teaching.

These roles will be hired to embed capacity into faculties and significantly strengthen Durham’s community of practice.

We are aiming to recruit another eighteen digital learning developers in grades 6, 7 and 8 across six areas of the institution.

  • 2 appointments at the Durham Center for Academic Development (1 G7 Digital Learning Developer, 1 G8 Senior Digital Learning Developer)
  • 1 appointment to University Library and Collections (1 G7 Digital Learning Developer)
  • 3 appointments in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (2 assistant G6 digital learning developers, 1 G7 digital learning developer (team leader))
  • 3 appointments at Durham University Business School (2 G6 Assistant Digital Learning Developers, 1 G7 Digital Learning Developer)
  • 6 appointments at the Faculty of Science (2 G6 Assistant Digital Learning Developers, 2 G7 Digital Learning Developers, 1 G8 Senior Digital Learning Developer, 1 G8 Senior Digital Learning Developer (Team Lead))
  • 3 appointments to the Faculty of Social Sciences (2 Assistant G6 Digital Learning Developers, 1 G7 Digital Learning Developer (Team Leader)) Each position has a standard set of responsibilities and requires a standard set of skills, but some Positions in specific areas will require additional criteria to be met.

In particular, three of the positions are team leader roles and will have line management responsibilities.

For more details on roles and requirements, please Click here

Recruitment for this position

In order to be considered for an interview, candidates must prove each of the essential criteria required for the role in the person’s description. In some cases, the recruitment committee may also consider desirable criteria, so we recommend that you prove all the criteria in your application.

Please note that certain criteria will only be considered at the interview stage.

This role would be eligible for sponsorship via the skilled worker visa route.

How to register

There are a number of roles described in this brochure, but you should only submit one application, even if you are applying for more than one role. Please clearly state in your cover letter which roles you are applying for and ensure that your cover letter details how you meet the criteria for each of the roles you wish to be considered for.

  1. a resume ;
  2. A cover letter that details your experience, strengths and potential. Please ensure you meet, with examples if possible, the essential and desirable criteria outlined in the person specification. If you are applying for more than one role, please ensure that you have met all criteria for all roles, including any additional criteria based on location or leadership requirements.

Please note that by submitting your application, Durham University will process your data. We ask that you take into account the relevant university’s privacy statement which provides information on data collection, storage and use.

Information if you have a disability

The University welcomes applications from people with disabilities. We are committed to ensuring fair treatment throughout the recruitment process. We will make adjustments to support the interview process whenever it is reasonable to do so and, if successful, adjustments will be made to support people in their role.

If you are unable to complete your application through our recruitment system, please contact us at [email protected].

DBS requirement: Not applicable.

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