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through ROSE BRENNAN, A&E Editor

Manhattan College is eager to prepare its students for the 21st century job market. One of the college’s minor programs, Digital Media Art, helps students and faculty do just that.

The Digital Media Arts minor has several different aspects including mastery of Adobe Creative Suite and a series of elective courses such as digital drawing, digital painting, and digital photography.

One of the students in the Digital Media Art program is Amanda Alfredson, major in communication. Alfredson was particularly interested in the digital media art program due to his concentration in advertising, although his interests fluctuated throughout his time at MC.

“I came to school as an education student, then I moved on to marketing, then I moved on to [communication] because I really wanted to advertise, and I was really interested in the creative side of it, ”she said.

In the courses Alfredson has taken so far, she has particularly enjoyed photo editing and logo design.

“I really enjoyed creating the logo. I did this for my internship and my internship is a small business and… the business was for senior care, and for some reason its acronym was “SMASH” so it was very pushy. I really struggled to do it, but it was a lot of fun, ”she said.

Senior Communication Major Angelica Delgado chose to dub the Digital Media Art and Chinese Minor. Delgado has always been somewhat interested in creating art and discovered the Minor in Digital Media Art during her first year.


“I’ve always been the type of person who likes to draw on the side of my notebooks or draw cartoons and stuff,” she said. “I have always wanted to learn to draw with the computer… and I am also a broadcaster [concentrator] so i love video editing and audio editing and stuff. And I heard about the minor, and I was like, ‘this is what I’ve always wanted to learn, plus what I’m learning right now,’ so it’s a win-win situation.

Delgado especially enjoyed using digital programs to edit and enhance the designs she made.

“[I like] learn to draw something by hand and make it computerized and [perfect] one way or another via the computer, ”said Delgado. “Like I said, I always wanted to see what my designs would be a little better at, not only by drawing them by hand, and digitally. [media art] minor, I learned how to use PhotoShop and Illustrator which are my favorite among all Adobe software, and it’s so wonderful to have the opportunity to learn how to create content through the computer and perfect your art .

The Digital Media Art minor has provided several students with valuable and marketable skills for a 21st century job market. Stephanie Zmuda ’18 is an alumnus of the program and now works as a professional art director.

“The courses I took helped me build a portfolio and land the job I now have right after college, which is fantastic! Zmuda said. “I am so happy that I can do what I love every day.”

Along with her minor in Digital Media Art, Zmuda majored in communications with a public relations concentration when she was a student at MC. She mostly remembers her digital painting class, which she ranks as her favorite.

“I enjoyed the three hour shifts; it was so relaxing and exactly what I needed, ”she said. “I enjoyed learning to use Corel Painter, a program outside of Adobe Creative Suite, which made me a more complete artist”

While at MC, Zmuda launched “Selfied by Steph,” a platform for sharing digital paintings that she created herself. Most of the paintings are recreations of photographs that are submitted to her Instagram account.

“I started Selfied by Steph after drawing my friends for fun and wanting a platform to share it on,” she said. “Overall, I think the quality of my work has improved compared to the digital art classes I took at Manhattan College.”

Alfredson and Delgado being seniors, they will soon enter the job market. Both students believe that the skills they learned in the digital media art minor will help them find employment.

“I really want to get into… advertising, so just about anything I’m going to learn can easily be used for whatever I want to do,” Alfredson said.

Delgado, however, is focused on broadcasting, but also believes that she can apply the skills she has learned in her field.

“I learned to use Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Here they show us how to use Avid. So I now know of three software that I will be able to use in the future. I had the opportunity to learn them all. And with graphic design and PhotoShop and all that, I’m sure the opportunity will present itself where I can use it in my career, and I can’t wait to be there, ”she said. declared.

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