Eagles and Firstrust Bank Launch New Entrepreneurship-Focused In-School Digital Learning Platform

As part of an ongoing effort to equip students with the right knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their financial futures, the Philadelphia Eagles and Firstrust Bank are launching a new extended digital learning platform in schools across region for fall 2021. Firstrust Bank-Philadelphia Eagles Entrepreneurs Game Plan powered by EVERFI is a fully integrated, interdisciplinary program that will use case studies, interactive business simulations, and personal development activities to prepare students for bright futures and prosperous.

Students will learn how to save start-up capital and balance a budget, what it means to be an entrepreneur, recognize business opportunities, start a business, and create an effective business case. The bespoke program will train students on how to apply their learnings in school and in their personal lives, while rewarding participants with a series of exciting engagement opportunities and recognition events involving the Eagles and Firstrust Bank.

The program will be implemented at 30 high schools in the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey areas, which will include Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Camden counties.

“The Philadelphia Eagles are committed to the personal and professional development of students through innovative learning programs that inspire them to pursue their dreams,” said Eagles president Don Smolenski. “Entrepreneurs Game Plan was strategically designed by EVERFI to empower students to think creatively about their future, while equipping them with invaluable entrepreneurial skills to help them succeed. We look forward to launching this new financial literacy program in area schools this coming fall. with Firstrust Bank. “

At the end of the Entrepreneurs Game Plan, students from 30 high schools across the region will be invited to submit business plans as part of the End Zone Challenge, a competition to determine the best new business ideas from program participants. . Submissions will be reviewed and judged by the Eagles, Firstrust Bank and EVERFI. Winning students will be awarded an academic scholarship or financial fee that they can use to further their business idea.

“At Firstrust, our mission is to cultivate prosperity for our customers and the communities we serve, and this path is so often marked by the vision and motivation of entrepreneurs,” said Richard J. Green, President and CEO. management of Firstrust Bank. “Equipping young people with financial skills and entrepreneurial tools gives them the important knowledge they need to turn a good idea into a successful business. Firstrust is especially pleased to support Entrepreneurs Game Plan alongside the Philadelphia Eagles, an organization that shares our commitment to providing the youth in our community have the opportunity to succeed and thrive. “

“Education is society’s greatest equalizer,” said Jon Chapman, president and co-founder of EVERFI. “The Philadelphia Eagles and Firstrust Bank understand how important it is to fill young minds with professional aspirations and learning opportunities. Entrepreneurs Game Plan will allow students to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and understand the steps necessary to make their dreams come true. “

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