Gaurav Manoj Singh on the power of digital media and the ever-changing landscape of the digital world


Ever since digital media set foot in our lives, the world has been halved into people who cherish its presence or not. The pros and cons of digital media are always a hot topic of debate, and you’ll find Gaurav Manoj Singh singing its glory. This 23-year-old lifestyle influencer is an inspiration to millions. But that’s not the only reason he supports social media. There is more than that.

With deep conviction, Gaurav Manoj Singh says, “The advent of digital media has reformed our lives in unthinkable ways. Without social media, do you think we would have come so far? Of course not ! Agree or not, this platform has given us superpowers that no other platform could have given us.

Speaking of this, Gaurav Manoj Singh says, “It was a game changer. The days when only the authorities could express their opinions (intentionally or subliminally) are over. Digital media is our channel where we have the freedom to expressing our views and sharing our talents Gaurav Manoj Singh believes in it so much that it’s no wonder he’s one of the top names in digital influencers.

Don’t you too think that after the emergence of digital media, advancement is all we have known? It is the domain itself that is volatile and creates new trends from time to time. In fact, Gaurav Manoj Singh assumes that digital media is ruled by trends and updates, and that’s what makes it even more remarkable.

The digital media we had 5 years ago doesn’t look like it does today. The apps, the layout, the techniques, everything has changed. From Reddit to Facebook to Instagram to God knows where “Everyone and every brand wants to be in this online space. The image of the digital space changes every second and that’s what we love. We adapt according to those changes or updates” , added Gaurav Manoj Singh.

Digital media is here to stay for centuries, the influencer finally concluded.

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