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Michael Ngan from Lenovo and Mylène Abiva from FELTA

With the goal of providing smarter technology for all and empowering communities with technology and opportunity, Lenovo Philippines is proud to announce its partnership with one of the country’s leading e-learning materials distributors, FELTA Multi-Media Inc.

Due to the unprecedented global pandemic, the learning and teaching experience has been drastically disrupted and gone digital. Schools and educators face challenges creating and deploying remote learning programs quickly and at scale while encouraging student engagement while providing a holistic learning experience. Lenovo is committed to building smarter education and provides educational institutions with options for more dedicated and personalized support throughout their digital transformation journey.

Putting customers at the heart of the business, Lenovo introduces its new services that have been carefully designed to solve the challenges of its market. With the help of FELTA, institutions can now benefit from Lenovo’s smarter technology – the Virtual Instructional Studio Setup and Mobile Training Kit – which were designed to help students and teachers save time. , to create comfort and enjoy convenience.

Virtual instruction studio

Virtual instruction studio

For educational institutions embarking on a journey of transformation, Lenovo offers options for more dedicated and personalized support that frees up IT resources and empowers consumers to focus on what matters most: creating smarter education. .

Teachers who want to increase student engagement can do so through the virtual teaching setup. Green screen enables live teaching and teacher-student interaction by projecting themselves as news anchors in a television studio. The live stream is also simultaneously posted to platforms like Facebook and YouTube via Teams if needed.

Mobile training kit

Mobile training kit

It was designed for teachers who constantly have to move from room to room. With technical equipment such as a webcam, monitor and control console mounted on the wheeled stand, they can now enjoy more comfortable and mobile teaching. This is best suited for health classes and culinary workshops.

“We are committed to being a trusted partner for educational institutions to identify the best solutions and service offerings that will meet their unique needs, as well as navigate their education transformation journey,” said Michael Ngan, President and CEO of Lenovo Philippines. “We have learned a lot from these two years of distance education and we are applying what we have learned to our offerings to better serve our partners by providing quality education. Through our partnership with FELTA, we curate solutions to support the digital learning ecosystem and enable educators to engage students and deliver compelling and effective learning content in a remote learning environment. We look forward to seeing local communities benefit and blended learning enhanced through this partnership. »

Prior to signing the contract, FELTA distributed Lenovo ThinkStation P530 to public and private schools. He has helped institutions produce high-end audio files and create beneficial VR content for their students’ learning. As part of their longstanding partnership, this is the first time that FELTA has distributed Lenovo-powered configurations.

“Lenovo has been a trusted partner for educators as a brand that has been at the forefront of digital transformation at home and in schools. FELTA strives to provide its consumers with access to only the best learning materials available and we believe Lenovo’s distance learning solutions will enable students to get the most out of every learning opportunity,” Mylene shares. Abiva, President and CEO of FELTA Multi-Media, Inc.

This solidifies Lenovo’s position as a trusted partner in delivering innovations designed to meet the demands of remote learning and the transition to a more digitalized classroom.

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