Globe champions education through digital learning

EVERY year, the nation celebrates teachers to honor their hard work and often unrecognized sacrifices as educators. But more than a one-day tribute, they deserve lasting support through innovations, programs and solutions that address their pain points.

With this in mind, Globe presented “Forefront: 2022 National Conference on Digital Learning” on October 3 to help educators integrate technology and digitally transform learning. The event was also a way for the company to honor the important contributions of educators as the Philippines celebrated National Teachers’ Day.

He’s heard of the phrase “Learning never ends” and you truly embody it, and with a noble purpose as well ・ to provide students with values ​​and lessons that can move them forward ・ and in turn make steadily advancing the entire country, one student at a time,・Globe Chief Commercial Officer Issa Cabreira said during his opening remarks.

Globe has advocated for digital literacy and inclusion to elevate education towards 21st century learning, in line with its support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), Number 4 , which ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all, and UN SDG number 9, which highlights the role of infrastructure and innovation as key drivers of economic growth and development.

Focusing on big ideas for big hope, “Forefront” featured speakers who spoke about the importance of a support system to help teachers thrive, from a greater shift to technology in classroom and how teachers should embrace this digital pivot.

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The series of interviews and discussions were led by some of the nation’s top educators, thought leaders and industry experts.

A key guest was empowerED founder Francis Jim Tuscano, who advocates for 21st century relevant learning through effective teaching methods and approaches, such as project-based learning, routines of visible reflection and conceptual reflection, among others.

In his remarks, Tuscano cited the importance of a sense of mission and a support system to help teachers meet the challenges at the height of the pandemic and how they are grappling with the post-pandemic transition. .

“A teacher must look at several factors to thrive on this career path, such as always having the gift of wonder, remaining passionate, having a community and tribe to be their support system, always remembering why they started to teach and love each other even if things get difficult for them,” he said.

Galvin Ngo of the Ateneo Science and Art Institute of Learning and Teaching (SALT), which researches educational theory, educational technology and adult education, also shared his thoughts on the impact of the pandemic on teaching, especially greater integration of technology in the classroom.

“The teacher’s role is to ‘teach to transform’ – as the teacher’s role is not just to produce content to teach students, but to shape and construct their students’ identities with this knowledge, teachers have the opportunity to rely more on technology for creativity and content when it comes to their teaching style despite the distance from the classroom and their students,” he said. declared.

Winona Diola, primary school technology coordinator at De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, meanwhile said teachers must embrace the teaching advancements accelerated by the pandemic.

One of the Outstanding Filipinos in the Metrobank Foundation’s search for outstanding teachers in 2016, Diola advocated combining innovative strategies and various technological tools to create student-centered learning environments.

“We don’t need to go back to our previous teaching strategy, traditional teaching methods or unique teaching method, because we are far beyond the 20th century classroom. Teachers must create a very interesting, engaging and challenging enough learning experience for our students,” she said.

“As you pursue your mission to make education work every day, you can also count on us to support your efforts through our own initiatives. We are and always will be your partners in creating a better world”, Globe MSME Group business leader KD Dizon assured educators.

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