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Notebook Basics

The gradebook helps instructors easily capture and distribute student grades. The grades for each assignment can be calculated in several ways, including points, percentages, pass/fail, etc.

Preview of the notebook

See a brief video presentation of the WebCampus notebook.

See the following Canvas guide for more information and step-by-step tutorials:

Create notebook columns

Most often, gradebook columns are generated when creating an assignment. If you created an assignment, graded discussion, or graded quiz, a column will automatically appear in the gradebook.

Assign grades

In the gradebook, you can assign grades, leave comments, adjust grades, and send messages to students. Also note that SpeedGrader is the tool designed to view, annotate, comment and assign grades to student work submitted in WebCampus.

Show and hide notes

At the course level, you can choose between an automatic and manual grade display policy. Auto post course grades is the default policy where grades are visible to students as soon as they are entered. It’s recommended that you manually post course grades if you don’t want the grades you enter to be immediately visible to students and want to enter them manually.

Note: If you enter grades for an assignment while your course is set to the default “Post grades automatically” option, the grades you’ve entered and posted will remain visible to students, even if you later switch to Manually post notes. To learn how to hide grades that are already visible to students, please see the “Hide assignment grades” section below.

To set an assignment-level grade posting rule that is different from the course-level posting rule, see:

Hide assignment grades: If you’ve accidentally posted grades that you’re not ready to make visible to your students, you can use the Hide Grades feature to hide the currently visible grades. Note: This feature only allows you to hide grades currently visible to students and will not prevent future grades you enter from being published for students to see. If you do not want grades to be automatically displayed to students as soon as they are entered, you will need to change your grade posting policy at the course level to “Manually Post Grades”.

Post assignment grades: If you’ve set the manual grade posting policy, you’ll need to post grades before they’re visible to students.

Weighting notes

Assignment groups allow you to organize multiple assignments into a specific category. You can group similar assignments together and assign that group a weighting that will be included in the total course grade. For example, you can create a group if students must complete fifteen reading answer essays, which together will be worth 10% of the total course grade. You can also create assignment group rules that determine how WebCampus handles exceptions you want to create for grade calculations, such as removing the lowest grade for an assignment. If you don’t create your own specific assignment groups, WebCampus will place them under the assignment group by default.

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