Gucci, SuperRare Collab on Digital Art Vault

Fashion brand Gucci announced Thursday (June 23) “Vault Art Space,” a collaboration with digital art marketplace SuperRare to create an online gallery powered by non-fungible token (NFT) development, according to a press release. of the society.

Vault Art Space “is a place to view the cutting-edge visions of contemporary artists, as well as to purchase their artwork with cryptocurrencies,” the press release reads. The first exhibition, titled “The Next 100 Years,” features 28 artists whose works “reflect the House’s century of heritage and envision what’s to come,” according to the statement.

The initial list of artists includes Alanna Vanacore, Alex Trochut, Alexis Christodoulou, Aliendope, ALIENQUEEN, Aliina Kauranne, anchenillustration, Antoni Tudisco, Dārta Katrīna, diberkato, Drew Young, eBoy, Ignasi Monreal, Ignorance1, Jordan Schiffer, Kris Andrew Small, loudsqueak, Merijn Hos & Jurriaan Hos, Paulina Almira, Pet Liger, Pindar Van Arman, SamJ, Sasha Katz, Sheidlina, Tim Maxwell, trs.mnz, Tyler Spangler, VEXX and YEAHYEAHCHLOE.

“Unbound by physical walls, the space showcases a steady rotation of digital artworks, each a collection fragment of the Maison’s kaleidoscopic heritage,” said Gucci.

Vault Art Space’s first exhibit will be auctioned on the Vault website in three drops from Thursday, June 23 through July 1.

Related: Gucci continues to appeal to young consumers with a line designed by Harry Styles

Earlier this week, in a bid to broaden its appeal to younger consumers, Gucci teamed up with pop music superstar Harry Styles to produce a line of rock-inspired vintage clothing. Styles became the latest musician to dabble in fashion design when Gucci launched the HA HA HA clothing line on Monday (June 20).

The line includes 25 looks co-designed by former One Direction singer and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.

The collection, which will be in Gucci stores in October, includes “sport coats with meaty lapels, scarves and plaid overcoats”, according to the Wall Street Journal, which noted that “the garments have a palpable look of 70’s”.

The HA HA HA line marks Gucci’s boldest move to grow its annual sales from around $10.3 billion to around $15.8 billion thanks to the “strong potential of young millennial consumers and Generation Z,” a plan announced by parent company Kering earlier this month.

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