HK Digital Art Fair presents a series based on Covid data with a metahuman artist

The Hong Kong Digital Art Fair has partnered with Metahuman artist MonoC has unveiled “Corona Florella”, a series of six data-driven generative artworks that record and reimagine the global battle against Covid-19 and celebrate the triumph of data-driven science and human resilience this year.

MonoC is the first virtual human to participate in Digital Art Fair, according to the press release. She is known for her artistic sensibility that weaves together new technologies and poetry with more than 9,000 followers on Instagram. The metaverse jet-setter is able to form meaningful connections between her subject and the audience without the inherent human limitations of space and time.

The “Corona Florella” series illustrates this exciting new interaction between technology and art. Data collected from seven continents informing a series of four works centered on the artist’s iconic floral motif chart the evolution of Covid-19 from its global spread, alarming death rate, vaccination and recovery. MonoC’s fifth work illustrates the four stages of the pandemic in a beautiful and moving artistic statement.

Led by brandtech company Gusto Collective, the series uses global Covid-19 data alongside Hong Kong music producer T-Ma through his algorithmic interpretation of the evolution of Covid-19 from its global spread, to its alarming death rate, its vaccination and its recovery, showing a feminine nature through bold renderings of flowers and colored yet possess a delicate and ephemeral charm, but in this series the flowers take on an alien form taking on expressions of pandemic horror, melancholy and metamorphosis.

The series will take place at the Asia Standard Tower in Central from October 20 to November 6.

“Metahuman art has immense potential; data is mined for facts, but interpretation is only possible for the conscious mind. Art has always been a powerful communicator, connecting artist and audience, and today’s digital art makes that connection more immediate, more immersive and more captivating.” said Aaron Lau, CEO of Taste Collective.

Surreal Metahuman Artist MonoC is created by Gusto Collective, a BrandTech group, powered by AI, machine learning and deep forgery technology. “As a metahuman artist, she is able to leverage data to engage audiences through the “Corona Florella” series on a collective discourse on the events and unprocessed emotions of the COVIDE-19 pandemic,” Lau added.

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