How Crypto Adviser Thunder monetized their passion for digital art

Crypto added a new dimension to digital art. From authenticating unique works of art to helping creators monetize their skills, crypto has changed the way people buy and sell digital or even tangible art. The digital currency platform has also given social media influencers a niche to reach large audiences globally. Many influencers have recently chosen to become crypto promoters due to its growing popularity among a wider demographic. Crypto Thunder is a popular social media influencer who often trends on Twitter for his viral crypto posts. He is known as “Thunder” among his social media followers due to his specific use of the thunder emoji.

Thunder has always remained in the limelight in this openly saturated space of crypto influencers. This is due to his lifelong passion for digital art and programming codes. Born and raised in a small town, Thunder has been fascinated by the digital world since childhood. He used to be on the computer most of the day which sparked his passion for an IT career in no time.

Growing up, digital artworks and programming codes fascinated him. As he began to explore, Thunder developed an innate understanding of digital algorithms that ultimately shaped his career as a crypto promoter and influencer.

Initially, Thunder did not start out as a crypto influencer on Twitter. He created an account to share motivational quotes and videos about the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Thunder’s posts were mostly about anything that was fun to watch or had been an uplifting experience for him. This eventually led to 1 million Twitter followers, a milestone that was an unexpected success for Thunder.

Motivated by his newfound success, Thunder decided to step up his career as a crypto influencer and marketing advisor. He has leveraged his unparalleled insight into the crypto market to create the most authentic and informative content on social media, gaining a huge following base. Her account exploded with over a million followers in no time. However, the limelight didn’t last long for Thunder. Its competitors on Twitter saw its growing popularity as a potential threat to their growth. Thunder’s account was reported and the platform deleted it.

This setback couldn’t stop Thunder from growing up and doing what he loves the most. His competitors were unaware of Thunder’s second Twitter account, which turned out to be a blessing. Thunder reached out to his fans from his other account and told them he was always up for sharing marketing tips and crypto updates as always. He quickly regained the support of his followers, which so far has been his most significant achievement.

Thunder is one of the most followed crypto marketers and influencers on Twitter, with 1.9 million followers. His crypto and NFT posts get thousands of likes, shares and comments. Thunder has collaborated with some of the biggest crypto brands like Huobi. He also had the opportunity to be associated with renowned crypto exchanges such as MEXC and witnessed the pre-launch of major NFT and Defi projects.

Criticism, hate, and account suspension couldn’t deter Thunder from pursuing his passion. He knew his strong point and persisted in achieving his goal despite all the obstacles. His journey from motivational content creator to crypto influencer and marketing advisor is truly inspiring for anyone who wants to navigate this space. Thunder will continue to help people find better investment opportunities and hopes to grow its subscriber base to 5 million in the coming years.

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