Indulge your creative side with this $35 digital art set

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Many of us have a creative gene within us, but it manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes you need a little help scratching your creative itch and finding out what makes your heart pound. So if you think you might like tapping into a artistic interest, The Premium School of Digital Art 2022 package is a good start.

Art shouldn’t just be a hobby, it can also be a lucrative skill that can help you start a side hustle or add to your job responsibility. This set of ten courses can help you navigate both the professional and the personal with over 100 hours of training on some of today’s best digital art tools plus expert-led art lessons. professionals. You’ll learn from professional artists like Rich Graysonn (4.5 out of 5 star instructor rating), Scott Harris (4.6 out of 5 star rating), and Robert Marzullo (4.5 out of 5 star rating), each of them having particular expertise in different fields.

To get started, you’ll get familiar with Clip Studio Paint, one of the best digital art studios out there. You’ll choose your favorite pencils, experiment with the interface, start creating custom brushes, and start working with coloring and filling tools. Later, you’ll use Clip Studio Paint to produce complex artwork from simple techniques and perfect your digital drawing basics with a tablet and mouse. You will also learn Procreate and Manga Studio 5.

In addition to the programs, you will also benefit from a crash course in technique. There are courses in character art, perspective art, drawing anatomy, drawing dynamic comic book panels, and much more.

Sharpen your artistic skills with the 2022 Premium School of Digital Art Pack. It is on sale now for just $34.99.

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