Industry Projects at the Digital Media Center

CDM students work with industry partners to develop new projects in consultation with customers.

At the Center for Digital Media (CDM) in Vancouver, experiential learning is the key. To develop their skills, students need opportunities to experiment and expand their knowledge. This is why the CDM focuses so much on industry projects. Student projects are at the heart of the Masters in Digital Media program – Canada’s first graduate degree in digital media.

Each term, teams of three to six students work on targeted projects to develop prototypes or applications — from concept to final product. Projects can either be proposed by students as independent team collaborations or sponsored by external clients.

The learning objectives of these projects are to provide hands-on experience working with teammates from different backgrounds and disciplines, as well as to acquire valuable experience working with clients. All projects follow a 12 week development process modeled to industry standards.

Let’s take a look at some of the many innovative projects by CDM students over the past year.

Venture Project: Learning 3D

Led by Dr. Dave Fracchia, a team of four students – Hai Ly (Rey) Do, Marcieb (Mars) Balisacan, Stanly Jeong and Wilson Leung – developed Learn 3D, a interactive gamification learning app that helps students understand, learn and have fun while addressing a technical and complex subject: 3D animation.

Unlike other options like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and YouTube, which rely heavily on video tutorials, Learn 3D combines a streamlined user interface, interactive feedback, and fun interactive content to help students understand and create 3D content in an engaging, rewarding and fun environment.

Discover the Learn 3D project.

IRD VR with the Justice Institute of British Columbia

A team of five students — Molly Duan, Mzwakithi Shongwe, Renee (Renying) Chen, Ulisses Nascimento D’Ávila, and Yichen Liu — led by Bill (Di) Zhao, is working with the Justice Institute of BC to explore the application of virtual reality technology in police training for Immediate Rapid Deployment (IRD).

The aim is to produce a complementary learning tool that improve the quality of training and preparation of police recruits should they be called to respond to an active shooter emergency.

This project is a continuation of the VR simulation project with JIBC for the spring semester 2022. For this mandate, the team is working on evolve the IRD VR prototype into a product which can be used at the JIBC. Emphasis will be placed on refining and polishing the basic simulation mechanics and details of the virtual world produced in the first quarter. At the end of the mandate, the product should be ready to be deployed as a learning tool at JIBC.

Learn more about the IRD VR project.

Shakespeare in the Metaverse with Departure Lounge Inc.

Led by Dr. Rachel Ralph, a team of six students – Brenda Medina Carmona, Carlos Fernandez, Emma Bousfield, Gabriel Kwong, Isabela Lopez and Robert Fiker – work with Departure Lounge Inc. to create an immersive experience leveraging next-generation volumetric capture technology and the latest real-time development software to create a one-of-a-kind Shakespearean experience in the Metaverse.

As part of creating this experience, the team must research and develop all the elements that go into a volumetric production and its pipeline. This includes planning a volumetric shoot, setting up required test shoots, planning shoot days, and working with processed volumetric data.

The purpose of this project is to help better inform Departure Lounge Inc. of the pipeline challenges and hardware deployment options for a completed project.

If any of these words make sense to you, take a look at Project Shakespeare in the Metaverse!

It’s not just students who love these projects. Employers love them too! Discover some of them industry testimonials impressed designers and project managers:

Interested in participate in a project like these yourself? Check out the CDM Master of Digital Media FAQ page for answers to your questions!

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