Institutions urged to prioritize digital learning

As part of activities to mark World Literacy Day, institutions were urged to prioritize digital learning skills through tech-enabled careers.

This year’s event themed: “Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces”, is a call to reiterate the need to prioritize digital skills efforts in academic institutions for a sustainable future.

It has been revealed that the 21st century is constantly changing due to factors such as technology, and being able to pivot one’s career is paramount in our fast-paced world.

In line with these rapid changes, more and more young people are choosing to pursue a future-oriented education instead of traditional courses.

In an increasingly interconnected world where artificial intelligence, big data, metaverse and other technological advances have become the norm, developing the education sector to focus on these principles that will affect the economic future of society makes no sense.

A recent report by the World Economic Forum stated that the “schools of the future” are those where content and learning experiences that provide both hard and soft skills are redefining education systems.

The report further explains that education models must adapt to equip children with the skills needed to create a more inclusive, cohesive and productive world.

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