KCLCD organizes a conference on digital media and communication

Kinnaird Center for Learning and Cultural Development (KCLCD) organized an enlightening conference on digital media and communication. The conference was designed as a platform for mass media students, researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the field of digital media and communication to interact and exchange ideas, and discuss their work. , opinions and dialogues.

Ms. Maha Jamil, Director of KCLCD, welcomed the participants of the digital media conference. In the keynote address, Maha Jamil said the one-day conference brings together various scholars and presenters from across Pakistan. She shared that communication is essential to life, but is largely ignored up to the level of disability. Communication disorders are important and can affect all aspects of a person’s life. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals offer us a unique opportunity to address this formidable reality.

Eminent speakers and professionals such as Mr. Khalid Chishti and Haseeb Khan graced the conference as guest speakers and shed light on interesting topics such as Advertising, Digital Marketing, PR, Media Communication and the use of new technologies, international communication for sustainable development. Distinguished speakers share their vision and way forward in the digital age of communication.

The Executive Director of KCLCD – Mr. Rizwan Anwar, in his speech, informed that KCLCD lays special emphasis on training to deliver quality work culturally to sustain professional growth and excellence. It offers women the opportunity to take on leadership roles by gaining professional knowledge in the fields of their choice. This conference is part of the same process and will help attendees gain insight into the latest digital media practices and skills.

A stimulating panel discussion on the latest advertising trends and international communication for sustainable development was the highlight of the conference. Renowned speakers exchanged their thoughts with the attendees and shared that advertising has emerged in new dimensions like digital marketing. It is important to learn how to communicate on digital media and then building public relations is the key to success in terms of marketing.

Dr Ruksana David, Principal of Kinnaird College, thanked the participants for their valuable contributions. She distributed the certificates to all the speakers and participants. She said positive communications are the foundation for building professional relationships in personal and professional life. She promised that Kinnaird College would organize more such programs in the future for the exchange of ideas, research and the promotion of knowledge.

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