Launch of the Istanbul Digital Art Festival


The second Istanbul Digital Art Festival, focusing on showcasing the effects of digitization on art, will take place from June 3 to 12 in Fişekhane.


Organized by Avind, which is the first curator of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Turkey, and created by MEZO Digital following a year-long work, the festival will this year question the concept “The only sustainable energy in world is human creativity? ”

The festival will present the works of 13 national and international artists, chosen by Avind, on the theme of sustainability.

Additionally, Azerbaijani AI artist Shusha will reinterpret Karabakh works from ancient times to the present day in digital art.

“What does it mean to be conservative in the age of technology? How can AI use technology as a curatorial practice? How does AI participate in a digital art exhibition? What criteria does the AI ​​choose to organize an art exhibition? What do digital artworks of the past and future mean for AI, or rather what does the “past” mean for AI? Which multidisciplinary works of art will the AI ​​bring together in the exhibition? are among the questions that will be discussed during the festival.

The festival, which will take place in the Glass Gallery and Fişekhane Bath, can be visited for free until June 12.

In the festival, organized by Bager Akbay and Esra Özkan along with Avind, Afra Sönmez, Ali Phi, Bahar Ergül, Balkan Karışman, Deniz Yılmaz, Deniz Töleğin, Nohlab, Orhan Kavrakoğlu, Osman Koç, Shusha, Entangled Others, Volkan Dinçer and Nastplas will present their works.

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