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Whether you’re pursuing digital art as an illustration student and it’s essential to your workflow or a film and television student looking for a hobby, learning the skill does couldn’t be easier in our time when there are so many free resources to learn digital art. on line. But among the five-hour real-time painting process videos and incredibly indescribable picture-only tutorials, there are definitely some that stand out among the crowd. Here are some of the best ones that keep it simple and educational.

Managed and contributed by many big names in the digital art world, Paintable is a great digital art resource for complete beginners and seasoned professionals alike. While there is a whole academy and courses offered at a cost, the number of tutorials and guides you can access for free is a ton. Whether you want to learn how to paint clouds in 3 easy steps or want to learn how to paint gemstones, there’s probably something on their list of free resources you can pick up.

Also, if you sign up as a member of their email subscription list, you get a free brush pack with lots of cool textures that can help you on your digital art journey. They also have a dedicated community on Discord that you can join full of like-minded enthusiasts who are just as passionate about improving as you are.

Raise your hand if a teacher in your core course made you watch a Proko video in class. But really, there’s a reason many SCAD professors prefer to show the chain. Run by master artist Stan Prokopenko, the channel which boasts nearly three million Youtube subscribers, offers an unholy amount of helpful advice on digital art and drawing skills in general. Prokopenko has invited countless big names in the digital art community to demonstrate incredibly useful-to-learn techniques and skills, like Esben Rasmussen, who made some of the most iconic splash art illustrations for the hit video game. “League of Legends”. ”

Some of the most helpful videos he has shown are those on anatomy and perspective drawing, which applies to any drawing medium one would like to do. If you’re looking to start from scratch and build a solid drawing base, then Proko is a channel you might want to add to your subscriptions.

As concisely stated on its landing page, “Ctrl+Paint is a free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting. Each short video covers a different concept, allowing you to learn complex topics in manageable increments. “And it’s amazing how much information they offer completely free. There are 18 steps you could follow in order if you wanted to consume all of its available resources, with each step having a handful of videos to watch this beach about 5 minutes each.Starting with ‘Digital Painting 101’, if you like to learn with structure and order, this is a resource worth checking out.

Founded by Matt Kohr, himself a SCAD graduate, you can guarantee that this website is particularly student-friendly. There are absolutely no paywalls and annoying ads that can spoil your learning experience, as the site is mostly funded by premium tutorials that can be purchased for just $10 if interest arises.

Digital art is a hobby and career that can bring a lot of joy and fulfillment, so having easy access to resources about it is something that can definitely peddle it. Be sure to check out these resources if you get the chance!

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