LG will bring digital art to DV LED Extreme cinema screens

The worlds of high-end home theater and digital art continue to overlap, with news that US digital art gallery Blackdove is partnering with LG to deliver NFT (non-fungible token) artwork directly on new Brand Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema screens. .

The collaboration will allow NFT owners to showcase their collections on a gallery-quality home display, or conversely, LG Extreme theater owners to show off their screens in cutting-edge digital art. For high-end integrators, this new development points to a whole new clientele for premium rooms.

The LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema range goes from 81 to 325 inches and from 2k to 8k. It uses Micro-LED technology.

This is not the first time that LG has worked with Blackdove. The duo have previously teamed up to create art installations at galleries and art festivals around the world, but this is their first residential venture.

LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema owners will have instant access to five NFTs from the Blackdove collection. The pieces were selected by Blackdove curator Jess Conatser to showcase the range of styles and subjects available in the gallery. The NFT capsule collection will adapt to a variety of spaces and aesthetics, and includes works by Johnathan McCabe, Franck Lefebvre and Jamie Scott.

LG - Jonathan Mc Cabé (2)

Users can manage their digital art catalog, including any private NFT, through the Blackdove app. Blackdove also provides a hardware media player. Blackdove also has direct integrations with major home automation software vendors, including Control4, Crestron, and Savant.

This NFT collection can be extended with NFT art available for sale or monthly rental; it also offers subscription access to a cloud-based gallery of over 4,000 pieces. Collectors can order original works through the gallery. NFTs can be viewed and displayed on any network connected screen around the world, with NFT blockchain registration and end-to-end encryption.

Blackdove is integrated into the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema out of the box, with no additional hardware required by integrators. Blackdove also offers LG resellers free technical support during software setup and optional subscription.

“We want collectors to understand the value of the art form, and we want artists to have access to the best exhibits possible. To this end, we hand-selected unique and symbolic works of art that celebrate the diversity of styles and techniques found in new media by emerging and established artists, ”said Conatser. “This partnership with LG will showcase the beauty of digital art, propel the medium forward and shape the future of life with digital art as NFT.”

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