Limited Edition Kohei Uchimura Retirement Commemoration Digital Art NFT Auction, Happening Right Now!

Collaborate with Dai Tamura, an illustrator artist representing athletes around the world and officially recognized by the National Basketball Association (NBA)

TOKYO, March 18, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sport Consulting Japan Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JAPAN; President: Roberto Tsukuda) announced the launch of the auction campaign on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, starting today with an edition of NFT*1 “Memorial Art of Gymnastics Legend – KOHEI UCHIMURA × DAI TAMURA -” featuring the dynamic work of Kohei Uchimura by illustration artist Dai Tamura, the overall winner of the world’s largest illustration competition, the World Cartoon Championships ISCA.

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Dai Tamura and Kohei Uchimura: Kohei Uchimura NFT Retirement Commemorative Digital Art (Photo: Business Wire)

*1 – NFT: Digital data with a token (electronic certificate) that can be used to prove ownership or authenticity using blockchain technology. Until now it was not possible to prove that digital data had a unique value, as it could be easily copied or tampered with, but with NFT it is possible to prove that digital data is genuine.

The artwork designed by Tamura Dai, depicts the dynamic bar performance scene of Kohei Uchimura. After seeing the work, Kohei Uchimura said, “I thought gymnastics was only possible when you can do six apparatus rotations, but what particularly impressed everyone who watched, including myself, was this. is the moment I landed perfectly from the bar. The landing posture and the somersault of the new moon of the stretching body are the things that I have been particularly attentive to and on which I worked on, and had them put together in one piece. This one is from 2014. I can’t thank you enough for turning my obsession into an NFT piece of art.”

A portion of the proceeds from this NFT will be donated to “Never Stop Playing Sports” (, an organization of high performance athletes that supports the development of student-athletes in all forms of competition.

NFT Coin: “Gymnastics Legend Commemorative Art – KOHEI UCHIMURA x DAI TAMURA -“
Number available: One
Sale format: Auction
Auction period: One week from March 17, 2022 (Thursday) at 9:00 p.m. Japan time (UTC+9 hours)
Minimum bid: 12.5 ETH (Ethereum)
Sales platform: OpenSea
Payment method: ETH (Ethereum)

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