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The Respondus LockDown Browser itself can be used in a supervised testing environment such as the test center or in the classroom. If an instructor wants to monitor/monitor students in real time while they take an online exam, Respondus LockDown Browser + Zoom can be a solution. A Zoom meeting will need to be scheduled during the exam and the exam must be configured to require the use of the LockDown browser with some specific settings. Note that this is for small classes where the instructor can see all of the students on the screen, and students will need to take the exam on a computer, not an iPad.

Follow the simple steps below to set up an exam in LockDown Browser to enable the use of Zoom.

  • Create an exam in WebCampus using the Quiz tool.
  • After that, go to LockDown Browser Dashboard. Click the down arrow next to the exam title and choose Settings.
  • Check the option to requires Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam. Then, under Surveillanceselect the option to allow instructor live monitoring.
  • Below Instructor live monitoringselect Zoom for the conferencing tool, and add aspie code to prevent students from starting the exam early. You can include additional instructions for students if needed.
[Figure 1] Screenshot of LockDown browser settings dialog with Allow live instructor monitoring for this exam checked.

Note that during the exam, students can’t access Zoom (or any other app), so they won’t be able to ask exam-related questions.

It is highly recommended to offer a practice exam to make sure everything is working properly for the instructor and the students. There are some useful tips on how to perform live monitoring when setting up LockDown Browser for Zoom. For more information, refer to the Live Instructor Monitoring: Getting Started Guide and Video Tutorial.

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