Ministry supports digital learning in madrasas through PMB, PDN

The attempt aims to build a generation of human resources, who are well brought up and have superior skills which are relevant to the development of the era.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Communication and Informatics provides Independent Learning Platform (PMB) application and National Data Center (PDN) cloud storage to support digital learning in Islamic schools (madrasas) to accelerate digital transformation in Indonesia.

“Later on, we will also provide technical assistance and advice on the information and technology required,” Communications and Information Minister Johnny G. Plate noted in a press release on Saturday.

Through the learning platform, madrasa students will study using the madrasa learning curriculum created by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The minister noted that at least nine million digital talents are needed to meet the demand for human resources in the workplace for the next 15 years. Thus, digital learning should be implemented at the earliest to meet the digital talent needs in Indonesia.

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“Therefore, students should be encouraged to improve with various digital skills,” he remarked.

Plate drew attention to the four strategic sectors of digital infrastructure, digital society, digital government and digital economy for which development has been initiated to establish digital-based secondary education.

“The attempt aims to build a generation of human resources, who are well educated and have superior skills that are relevant to the development of the era,” he added.

PMB is an integrated e-learning application based on cloud computing services.

Development of the platform began in 2021 as an implementation of cloud-based sharing services as mandated by Presidential Regulation Number 95 of 2018 on System of Electronic Governance (SPBE).

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PMB provides basic applications for digital learning. Through the platform, the learning and teaching process at primary, secondary and higher levels can be conducted virtually.

A pilot project of the platform has been implemented to digitize learning activities in 50 schools.

Currently, PMB is used by over 307,000 schools as well as over 83,000 madrasas and other religious schools.

By the end of 2022, the PMB is expected to be implemented in a thousand religious education schools across Indonesia.

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