Musician Jonathan Paul Smith’s unique lineup dominates digital media


“To be irreplaceable, you must always be different. ” – Coco Chanel

Succeeding in an industry oversaturated with young talent is a challenge. The music industry has reached a different stature with the advent of social media. The universal platform that social media has offered to artists and creators around the world has opened a gateway of opportunity. With a large audience from all corners of the globe, all forms of creativity have found their place on social networks. Growth has been particularly remarkable in the music industry. Musicians and singers no longer depend on labels to find their audience. They create, publish and find recognition themselves.

This is how musician Jonathan Paul Smith carved out his place in the music industry. He is famous for his transgender compositions which harmoniously blend hip-hop with undertones of jazz and rock. Her music is both energetic and calming. What separates him from his contemporaries is his characteristic style of incorporating natural sounds into the background of his compositions. It creates a haunting amalgamation of everyday sounds that we hear from time to time, but which had never caught our ears before.

His creativity in merging natural sound and instrumental music has a lot to do with his intense passion for sounds. As a child, Jonathan was always drawn to the sounds of his surroundings. Something like the horn of a car, drops of water and the buzz of bees were music to his ears. He realized his passion for sound at the age of 5 when he heard his teacher walking down an empty hallway. The rhythmic sound of the clip-clopping of the heels immediately captivated her artistic spirit. He has since developed a remarkable ear for the sounds that surround him.

In addition to listening to these sounds, Jonathan also began to imitate them in different ways. After years of practice, he has succeeded in creating the sound of an opening bottle and the buzz of a bee. He used his tongue, cheek, lips and hands to perfectly mimic natural sounds. This not only makes his music melodic, but also unique.

He started his career playing in shows, parties and clubs. His euphonious voice caught the attention of audiences, making him a sought-after artist in New York City. Her life began to deteriorate during the pandemic lockdown when all live events were called off. During this time, Jonathan was unemployed for several months. But once his career was reached, he decided to bounce back on social media. He launched his YouTube channel Moving sound with her first single “Times Will Change” in October 2020.

“Times Will Change” became an instant hit on social media. It marked the start of a new wave of cross-genre tracks with a brilliant backdrop of natural sound effects. The song received 2 million views in a month and even topped the Spotify charts. “Times Will Change” made Jonathan an overnight star, bigger than he has ever been in the music industry as a performing artist.

There has been no turning back since then. He went on to release consecutive hits, taking the internet by storm with his unique soul music. He is now preparing to enter the mainstream music industry with his natural talent and love for sound.

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