Netgear partners with SuperRare for NFT digital art displays

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Netgear uses its Meural digital displays to show off non-fungible token (NFT) art, and now Netgear is partnering with the SuperRare NFT art market.

Netgear will join the SuperRare DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to help develop a license and royalty model for displaying NFTs on digital screens. The licensing model, which supports the presentation of curated SuperRare collections on the Meural platform, reinforces a common vision for both companies to create new ways to interact with art, culture and digital collections.

The acquisition of $RARE tokens and participation in the SuperRare DAO marks the start of a new era for Netgear and a doubling of its commitment to creating a new model for digital art, the company said. His involvement with the SuperRare DAO is designed to shape the future of decentralized curation, community organizing and artist empowerment.

Empower artists

Netgear has partnered with SuperRare.

Meural by Netgear grew out of the belief that thoughtful use of technology could transform the access and discovery of visual art and integrate it into people’s daily lives.

The platform consists of a digital canvas connected to WiFi, a Meural Art Library (the largest streaming art and photography library in the world), a smartphone application and a Web portal. It was developed to engage new audiences in digital art while creating additional revenue streams for creators.

Although they have been controversial and prices have fallen lately, Netgear said NFTs now enable the promise of the digital art world.

“By bringing digital scarcity to art and collectibles, NFTs and blockchain technology have granted new economic and creative powers to digital artists,” said Poppy Simpson, senior product and content manager for the product line. Meural from Netgear. “Netgear supports this exciting development and is committed to working alongside creators, collectors and enthusiasts to forge a licensing model that reflects their interests.”

Simpson added: “Working with SuperRare Labs to develop a licensing framework that the SuperRare
community can support feels like a spiritual alignment between our brands to build a broader,
a more diverse art and curation ecosystem.


A new world of consciousness.

Meural has been part of the Netgear portfolio of smart home products since 2018 and helps
advancing the company’s vision of a fully connected world. The premium digital canvas can
provide a realistic art viewing experience that can be controlled via gesture, desktop, mobile app,
or voice (Amazon Alexa).

The Meural Canvas lets you interact with their art daily through its library of over 30,000 licensed artworks and acts as the best media distribution platform for displaying visual arts. Most NFTs aren’t easy to show off, but the Meural platform frees NFT collections from the limitations of digital wallets and lets owners enjoy their purchased pieces on the walls of their homes or offices, Netgear said. .

Designed as a marketplace to collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks, SuperRare ensures that each artwork is authentically created by an artist in its network and tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item that consumers can own. and exchange.

Netgear has integrated Meural with Coinbase and MetaMask crypto wallets, and has partnered with Async Art to add dynamic, programmable NFTs to the Meural library.

Meural will also be featured in the pop-up gallery at SuperRare in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, bringing together well-known NFT artists and the wider CryptoArt community. Open until August 28, the SuperRare Gallery offers a rotating program of five NFT exhibitions, some curated by the company’s in-house curatorial team, others by guest curators. Additionally, Meural will feature approximately 100 works, curated by SuperRare, on the Meural platform as the new licensing model is developed.

Founded in 2018, SuperRare is a curated digital art marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. Since inception, SuperRare has bought and sold over $300 million worth of NFT artwork on the platform to date and over $150 million has gone directly to artists.

In other news, Netgear said Meural Webs has added support for the Solana blockchain self-custody wallet, Phantom. Starting next month, collectors will be able to connect their Phantom wallet to display their NFTs on Meural, a digital canvas designed to showcase digital works alongside classic art.

The NFT Price Crash and the Crypto Winter

Crypto Lioness.

I asked Netgear what they thought of the NFT price drop and crypto winter.

“The general trend for the prime art project is a decorrelation from crypto price. It’s not related to the same volatility,” Simpson said in an email to GamesBeat. “We saw a massive market flood in Q4, which led to what we’re seeing now: the market collapsed. That’s not as surprising given the rapid growth and adoption of the NFT marketplace. Digital creators have been creating art for a very long time and that won’t change. What NFTs have done is provide technology for these artists to sell collectibles by introducing the concept with rarity .

Netgear believes this is a moment of clarification for the market and not a moment of hurting it. But it’s also a market that needs evolution in terms of audience and adoption, Simpson said.

Regarding crypto onboarding, Simpson said, “We’ve been in stealth mode and seen extremely healthy adoption over the past two quarters. Given the number of partnerships, we expect this to continue to grow as we build support for NFT collectors and content enthusiasts and fans.

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