News: Fed. Police file charges against 111 illegal digital media outlets suspected of ‘working to make Ethiopia the center of violence’

Deputy Commissioner Berhanu Abebe. Photo: ENA

Addis Ababa – The Federal Police Commission said it had filed charges against 111 “illegal digital media” who were suspected of “working to make Ethiopia a center of violence” during Ethiopia’s fiscal year.

Deputy Commissioner Berhanu Abebe, deputy head of the Federal Police Commission’s Tactical Crimes Investigation Department, told state media that over the past fiscal year, the Commission has conducted investigations based on information on organized and terrorism-related crimes, corruption, financial and commercial crimes as well as tax and customs offences.

Thus, of the 2,668 denunciations that the Commission received, it examined 1,438 files and forwarded the files to the office of the Federal Attorney General. Charges have already been leveled against those suspected of “working to make the country a center of violence and using false social media names”.

Through investigations, “it was confirmed that these groups were trying to achieve their hidden agendas by inciting people to violence,” he said, adding that the 111 digital media outlets that had been subject to investigations and charges were not legally recognized by the Ethiopian Media Authority.

Currently, the owners of such “illegal digital media” are under the law and their cases are being investigated, he said.

Those suspected of defrauding and defaming banks through mobile money during the financial year were also arrested and charged after cases were ‘confirmed that they stole more than 57 million birr “, according to the assistant commissioner. The Federal Police will expand its services and have opened additional branches in various regional states to investigate criminal activities, Assistant Commissioner Berhanu said. AS

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