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Adobe’s digital media business unit focuses on advancing cutting-edge content and driving the digital transformation of industries. It provides tools and services that enable individuals, small businesses, and businesses to create, publish, promote, manage, and monetize their content anywhere through Creative Cloud and Document Cloud.

The Bucharest Digital Media team is committed to enhancing creativity in every way possible. Our portfolio currently includes several projects, spanning a myriad of modern technologies that naturally target end user enjoyment and productivity. They extend product teams beyond the usual convenience and expose developers to the latest available technology platforms and stacks. Our colleagues have the opportunity to contribute to Adobe XD, Adobe Text Engine (ATE), Adobe Fonts, Creative Cloud Services (via projects such as Machine Learning for Photoshop, New File Workflows or App Home Screens), Adobe Stock, Business Catalyst, and a brand new stealth project focused on web-based creativity.

Photoshop Neural Filters – a massive feature developed with the help of Romanian engineers

For most people, Photoshop is one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of Adobe. Our brilliant team of engineers in Bucharest recently took on the challenge of revolutionizing portrait and photo editing workflows, using machine learning. The algorithms behind this new feature, called neural filters, were created in Romania and are now available in Adobe Photoshop, to everyone’s delight.

Bogdan sumanariu, the head of engineering for the team that helped make Photoshop one of the world’s most advanced AI applications for creatives, said, “Working on the Neural Filters project was an ongoing battle against the weather. You need to understand the inner workings of Photoshop and choose the right framework that will give the maximum flexibility for the user experience. There needs to be research into machine learning models that can guarantee positive feedback from users. We continuously interacted with the Photoshop community and iterated on the workflows on offer and the quality of our outputs. We won this battle thanks to our extraordinary, dedicated and entrepreneurial team with a wide range of skills. The project has, at its core, countless hours of brainstorming between all team members (be it on the C ++, JS, UX or ML side) and the result is amazing – not only for the end user but also for the engineering team itself. . The team has found a new mojo – the confidence that they can deliver amazing things that couldn’t even have been imagined a year ago. And in the end, that’s what matters: people and their confidence to use their skills (already discovered or not) to their full potential.

Adobe XD – a UX design platform created in Romania

Another impressive project currently being developed by Digital Media Bucharest is Adobe XD. It’s a user experience design platform where teams create the world’s best experiences at scale, while also leveraging all of Adobe’s leading Creative Cloud tools.

Built on a modern technology stack and available on a variety of platforms (desktop, web, mobile) – XD was born with the bold goal of making design a snap for everyone. With XD, you can wireframe, animate, prototype, collaborate, and more.XD Bucharest leads the design tooling program, while also working on key initiatives regarding the improvement of cross product architecture and performance. They come to work every day with the desire to empower UI / UX designers to create engaging, beautiful, and personalized experiences. And unbelievable as it sounds, the developers have fun and feel empowered every step of the way.

Mihnea Vlad-Ovidenie is the leader of the engineering organization XD Romania and one of the members of the small team that launched the project in 2015. We asked him to give us more information about his background and especially how this project has evolved from an idea to the largest investment in the local Digital Media business unit:

“Our journey within XD started with a small team of 6 people initially focused on importing and exporting assets in standard formats such as PNG, SVG and PDF. From the start, the prospect of working on a young code base attracted us, as well as the modern architecture of XD and its unique blend of development languages: C ++ and JavaScript. Since then, XD has grown into one of the major players in the market. Our engineers in Bucharest have left a lasting mark with a series of successes: the first implementation of Windows 10 in November 2017, seamless interoperability with flagship Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects in 2018, 2019 enhancements for text, design and layout tools culminating with the exposure of the 3D Transforms feature on a virtual stage MAX 2020. XD’s success so far would not have been possible without the participation of over 50 outstanding colleagues in our engineering, product management and user experience design departments, all based in Romania. Our journey within XD continues unabated and we laser focus on strengthening the architectural foundations of XD for the next 5 years and more investment. It is an exciting time to be a part of this effort and I am very optimistic about our future! “

Adobe XD team

Digital Media Romania – a place where every team member is valued and where every voice is heard

Digital Media Romania has grown continuously at a steady pace over the past few years and business directions and priorities have naturally evolved over time. What has not changed, however, is one of the organization’s boldest goals and core values: to maintain a warm, family atmosphere, where people would feel valued and included, and where every voice would be. heard and respected.

Paul Chirita, Engineering Director for Digital Media Romania, explains the underlying strategy: “It has been a challenge to maintain this family atmosphere as our team continues to grow. Especially in the past year we had to nurture existing relationships and also build trust with new colleagues in a completely distant state. It was not a simple endeavor, but we remained fully engaged and focused on our goal of being successful as a team. We took the time to adapt, iterate and learn from the new status quo. We created a space of mutual support, listened more, and found creative ways to have fun while continuing to nurture our culture of excellence, as well as our personal and professional growth.

Adobe Romania has set itself the mission of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, fostering innovation, educating and developing its employees. Create everything from gorgeous graphics to immersive user experiences. Explore Adobe careers in engineering and design HERE.

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