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Anywhere Polling allows users to poll with any application, including web pages, videos, and documents, using a floating toolbar.

Query Show Bar Anywhere

Launch the PointSolutions desktop app and click Start now under Query anywhere on the dashboard. The Query Show Bar Anywhere will open in the upper right corner of your screen. Below are the button descriptions.

[Figure 1] Screenshot of Anywhere Polling Showbar with buttons numbered to match descriptions below.

  1. The Open voting allows participants to answer a question. The Close the poll closes the query and opens the results table.

  2. The Quick poll The menu allows you to choose a type of question to query. Except for the first two options (Custom and Multiple response), clicking on one of the question types will allow you to start polling immediately. Either you’ll ask a verbal question on the poll, or you’ll already have a question about the app you’re using.

Quick Poll Menu

[Figure 2] Screenshot of the Quick Poll menu.

  1. Answers will keep an active count of users who answered the question.

  2. The Hide list of questions will close the preview of the next question.

  3. The Minimize the viewbar will collapse the viewbar into a smaller floating toolbar.

  4. The Choice lets you perform tasks such as recording a session, viewing a list of questions, changing preferences, and more.

Screenshot of the Options menu

[Figure 3] Screenshot of the Options menu.

  1. The Show/Hide Chart The button toggles the display of the results graph.

  2. The Show/hide presentation button toggles the presentation window display. Questions and answers from the question list are displayed in the overview window. If a question list is not loaded, the question number and answer choices are displayed.

  3. The Show/Hide response display The button toggles the display of participant responses in a grid, showing which participants have responded.

  4. The Show/hide login information The button enables and disables the session ID.

  5. The Show mail window button toggles the chat window.

Use Anywhere Polling in the classroom

Follow these steps to use Anywhere Polling in the classroom.

Launch it PointSolutions Desktop App and click Enable below Mobile Response to generate a session ID.

Next, choose your list of questions. If you don’t have a list of questions yet, please refer to the Creating a list of questions page. Note that if you choose to ask verbal polling questions in class, or if you have already written questions in the app you’re using to present, you don’t need a list of questions. Make sure the list of questions you choose (if any) is selected in the content panel, then click Start now under Anywhere Polling.

PointSolutions dashboard with list of questions and Start Now button highlighted

[Figure 4] Screenshot of the PointSolutions dashboard with the list of questions and the Start Now button highlighted.

The Query Show Bar Anywhere opens and you will see a preview of the first question on the display bar. This can be disabled by clicking on the Hide list of questions button, which looks like an X. Start polling at any time by clicking the green button Open voting button.

Display bar with text

[Figure 5] Screenshot of the Showbar with the text “Click here to start poll” pointing to the Open Poll button and “Close preview to hide next question” pointing to the Hide Question List button.

When the poll begins, the question appears in a new window, allowing students to see the question and answer choices. You will see the Number of responses when students submit their answers. Students can edit their answer multiple times when voting is open and the last answer will be saved. A countdown timer can be added if needed. To stop polling, click green Close the poll button. The graph window will open and display the query results.

Presentation questions and answers and display bar with arrow pointing to close poll button

[Figure 6] Screenshot of the Question and Answers overview and display bar with an arrow pointing to the Close Survey button.

You can change the response data value (percentage or number) by clicking the Viewing response data button. The Correct/incorrect comparison reveals correct/incorrect answers.

Chart results with Display Response Data and Correct/Incorrect Comparison buttons highlighted

[Figure 7] Screenshot of the results graph with the Display Response Data and Correct/Incorrect Comparison buttons highlighted.

The default chart label is Response Text. This can be changed to bullet points (e.g. A, B, C, D) by clicking on the Choice button and selecting Preferences. Please note, however, that the classroom computer will not save your preferences; you will have to change it each time you use it.

Repeat the above steps to query all questions. To remember save session data after completing the survey.

To save session data, click the Choice button, mouse pointer Sessionand choose save session. Enter a new name for the session (or keep the default name) and save it to your external drive. Close the Anywhere Polling showbar to return to the PointSolutions dashboard.

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