Ranen Digital Media Pvt Ltd’s “The Lord is my Shepherd” FB page spreads smiles and inspiration around the world

It’s wonderful to know all these wonderful stories of people around the world who go beyond simply reflecting on their desires and aspirations. Very few individuals in this world have worked with a greater purpose in life and turned their visions into reality through their amazing work and the kind of impact they have in the lives of others through the same. Knowing and learning about such successful and driven individuals and professionals is the need of the hour for the world to know about their genius and how they bring value to all they reach out to and serve. through their businesses. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of such an amazing human named Dr. Richardson Khristi, the one who is the brains and soul behind two of the most amazing motivational pages on Facebook; one is “The Lord is my Shepherd”, and the other is “GOD will make a way when there seems to be no way.” The former has reached over 5 million subscribers, while the latter has over 1.2 million subscribers.

The Lord is my Shepherd is not just any other social media page but was created with the true purpose of spreading goodness and inspiring people around the world with posts consisting of motivational quotes and good Moreover. The page is entirely devoted to the famous Bible verse “Psalm 23:1”. Also, the much-talked-about Facebook page makes sure to post arts-related and general information, which helps people with a general awareness. Coming up with something as amazing as these pages has truly instilled hope, good mindset, zeal and positivity in the minds of individuals and page followers which ultimately motivates them to be good and to do good in whatever they choose to do. their careers and lives, such is the magic that Dr Richardson Khristi has created with his two motivational pages under his company called Ranen Digital Media Pvt Ltd which was established in May 2021 in Anand, Gujarat.

Dr. Richardson Khristi pursued a BHMS degree from VNSGU, Surat, and for his quest to make a difference in people’s lives, has always worked around unique ideas which eventually led him to start his motivational pages which are now appreciated by a growing number of people. All of this allowed him to spread positivity in others, change their mindset for the better, and become better human beings.

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